Makeup for green eyes

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12 March 2016
Makeup for green eyes

In view zelenoglazok there is something enchantingly magical, they are skillfully able to charm.How to enhance the beauty of your green eyes with makeup?

rules are simple, start to eliminate anything that might spoil the makeup green eyes.The first is the shade, similar in tone to the color of your iris - tone just merge into one spot, so the color of the solution should be avoided.It is not advisable to use make-up green eyes and silver shadows - they make your eyes dim and mute natural green color.Caution should be used blue and pink color shades - they need to be matched to a shade of green eyes carefully to find "their" personal gammu.S cautiously Apply the coal-black shadows.Of course, they make eyes expressive, but more "rough", and apply the dark tone is better only when creating evening makeup.

better to turn their gaze towards the green eyes brown.The duo of brown and green dictated by nature itself, you can add a little pale pink or gold - that is the fresh spring makeup.Especially f

or such a make-up green eyes suit blondes, they are generally suitable for almost all brown shades, from dark brown to light golden.Brunettes and brown-haired suit purple tones, peach, beige or bronze, and they will transform your perfect day look like (if you choose light colors) and night (in a saturated palette).

If you look, the color green eyes, again, is different.Emerald eyes are quite rare, and you're lucky if you have just such eyes.Feel free to choose the tone darker than your real color, it will give the look of depth. brown, brick, chocolate, gray scale - they are all at your disposal.Wanted brightness?For your service nasyschennyyfioletovy, pink and yellow.You can use the shadows chameleon colors that change each other depending on the lighting.

If you have a yellow-green eyes, make them your "highlight".Underline the yellow color of the iris, not green, and you'll see how this will refresh your view.You can do this by using the green pencil or eyeliner, make-up and help in violet tones.This make-up yellow-green eyes looked incredibly mysterious and fascinating at the same time, if it is a view of a tigress.

to gray-green glazglavnuyu role in the make-up will play a warm, gentle shades: creme brulee, champagne, peach, light gray.A green-blue eyes light turquoise suit, you may want to choose a particular shade of blue color (looks good "jeans").

For daytime make-up green eyes perfect shade with the effect of flickering or metallic luster, they will give a fresh look.And if you, for example, is not a supporter of priemlesh shadows and natural make-up green eyes, take advantage of the usual brown eyeliner or eye tushyu.Poroy need at least that they shone!

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