Makeup for blue eyes

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12 March 2016
Makeup for blue eyes

Features makeup for blue eyes

Owners blue eyes incredibly lucky, because with one look in their eyes you can drown.And if to emphasize their beauty literate makeup properly selected range of shadows surrounding definitely not be able to tear you to their admiring glances.

So, first look at yourself in the mirror and determine the shade of your blue eyes.Iris may be blue-gray, light blue or nearly blue.Depending on the intensity of color and hue will be picked up shadows.

Face Tone desirable maximum brighten and blush must be chosen to match to the lipstick.

a little secret: make your blue eyes is the most expressive, if the cheekbones near the eyes apply a little blush of pink or peach.

Makeup for blue-gray eyes

gray-blue eyes - it is "Chameleon", which change color depending on the lighting, the weather, the colors of clothing and many more factors.Experimenting with them, making them expressive and each time emphasizing their versatility, it can be infinite.If hocheshvydelit grayness

eyes, use ash silver and steel shades shadows.And to emphasize the blue, on the contrary, more saturated contrasting hues: watery blue, turquoise, lavender, copper.The main thing is not to use the shadow color tone-on-tone with the color of the eye, or eyes can just "get lost."

For everyday makeup light blue eyes should use soft dim shadows and use discreet palette, otherwise you risk to look vulgar.Gently add pink look younger, beige shade make it more open, give a golden mystery.The makeup for blue eyes is not important to overdo it with the brightness not to become a Barbie doll.Saturated color is not contraindicated, but must be used with caution.

To make makeup blue eyes more effectively, please use shades of dark blue color, they will make your eyes expressive, and her eyes seem to be bottomless lake, which wants to drown.You can pay attention to the flirty arrows, and only a little to withdraw tails Eye Contour - will look attractive and a bit playful.

Makeup for blue eyes

If you are the owner of blue eyes , win-win option for you would be the makeup in lavender, turquoise, purple shades.It is better not to look in the direction of the brown shadows, they give your eyes tired, even painful look.But some color shades more suitable brunettes and red, are able to create a very harmonious way.Among them, copper shades, clay, coffee and bronze.

Makeup for blue eyes

Generally, makeup blue eyes virtually impossible to spoil any shades because blue eyes are perfect by themselves.It only priderzhivatsyaodnogo important rule - remember the purpose of makeup.If this day make-up, in any case not to use bright flashy colors, opted for pastel, pearl, delicate shades.In the evening, of course, the view must be "clothe" in the puzzle, using, for example, blue eyes makiyazhdlya style smoky-eyes.For his sozdaniyavozmi any shade of dark shades and you can experiment with shades of gray and blue.Smoky-eyes goes out of fashion, because it gives blue eyes expressiveness and depth of view.And do not forget about the little rule, with an emphasis on the eyes, lips leave almost intact.

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