EFFECTIVE apple diet

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16 March 2016
EFFECTIVE apple diet

apple diet Apple diet helps normalize or correct a metabolic disorder, fight obesity.But you should know that it is not a panacea.And, just sit on this diet, you will not always graceful.Yes, you will lose many kilos of something, but after returning to a normal diet and lifestyle to their still diet, gain weight again.

Apple, like any other mono-diet (kefir, rice, vegetables, cottage cheese, fish, etc.) Is good only as a supplement to the main method of healing.It is best to arrange a so-called fasting day "on the apples."This is particularly relevant after overeating during the holidays and after selling freemen for the rich "Buffet" in Turkey.

To reduce weight, "an apple a day" it is desirable to 1-2 times a week.For prevention - just once a month.By the way, this diet is very effective for the prevention of atherosclerosis and is useful for hypertensive patients.

There are several options for the diet:

1. During the day you need to eat only apples.And as much as "fit."But at the same time be su

re to drink plenty of fluids.The most optimal - soothing herbal infusions.

2. The day you should gradually "leave" one and a half kilos of fresh apples.And (attention!) - Nothing to drink.Enough of the fluid, which in apples.By the way, fans can bake the apples in the oven - there is almost no difference.

3. Another popular this kind of diet - kefir-apple.On 1 apple - 1/2 cup yogurt 5-6 times a day.Very often, it is advised to apply to pregnant women during toxicosis.

4. Diet for a week.For the most persistent who dopekli problems with being overweight or digestive organs.1st day - 1 kg of apples;Day 2 - 1.5 kg of apples;Day 3 - 2 kg of apples;Day 4 - 2 kg of apples;Day 5 - 1.5 kg of apples;Day 6 - 1 kg of apples.You can drink tea, preferably green, and chewing black bread croutons.

Some tips.If you can help constipation 2-3 apples fasting every morning for a month or more.For those who quit smoking, but the process is "with difficulty", useful apple diet for three consecutive days.To her it is recommended green tea.Those with bowel problems, just have to eat apples every day and arrange a apple days.

American scientists have found that apples are specific substances that inhibit the malignant cells that cause cancer of the liver and intestines.It is important to know which varieties suit you.For example, stomach ulcers are contraindicated sour apples, and "allowed" sweet or even baked sweet.On the contrary - in the case of gastritis with low acidity appropriate acidic apples varieties Antonovka, for example.To apples quickly learned, it is better to have grated.The seeds of apples contain a lot of iodine: if you eat 5-6 apple seeds, the body receives a daily dose of iodine.Users do not lose weight from apples, and on the overall caloric eaten within a day or two kilograms was less than their caloric diet another day.Similarly, one can lose in any other product, if only it.Even on bread or potatoes.