What you need to know about laundry detergent?

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19 March 2016
What you need to know about laundry detergent?

washing powder to things for a long time and have always been worn beautiful, you need them to care.A laundry detergent - an integral part of modern human existence, so the demand for it will always be.Marc washing powder - this, of course, a personal choice, and today the range of detergents in shops is quite wide and universal, and bio, and color, and concentrated, and powders booths.They represent the company: Dosia, Mortein, Calgon, Vanish, Harpic, Caigonit, Veet, Myth, Tide, Ariel, Lenor, Cussons, "Big Wash", "Normal", "Vorsinka", "Pemos", Persil, Sorti, "Bimaks. "These powders are the most difficult to cope with pollution by using a special formula and components, which confirmed the high efficiency of professionals washing and cleaning.

when washing by hand, you must wait for the complete dissolution of the powder in water before putting into the washing solution things.When washing things in the washing machine, you must select the correct temperature and wash program.

Things to washing must be prepared -

remove all pockets, straighten the cuffs on the sleeves of shirts, pants and skirts to turn inside out, zippers, buttons and hooks to fasten laces and ribbons to tie, unbutton buttons.
When washing all the things you need to sort out.Arrange clothes for dark, white, light.It should take into account the material from which made clothes: wool and silk wash separately from cotton and linen.

few tips when washing things :
Quilted coats and jackets can be great to wash in the drum.

If slots for buttons and pockets knitted or crocheted things stretched - before washing their butt sew small stitches.

Synthetic fabrics are not soaked before washing.

Things from acetate fiber can not be twisting or pressing in the drum of the washing machine.

ultrasonic washing machine, which is easy to fit in the palm, easy to replace the conventional washing machine, easy to wash and chiffon blouse and jacket and quilt.Laundry ultrasound keep your things for a long time!It is important to choose a high quality powder for washing.

SA8 COLOR good powder for washing colored fabrics.It does not contain phosphates detergent effectively removes stains and prevents discoloration of molting and colored fabrics.

on the market detergents black fabric presents an assortment of foreign manufacturers (Fewa (Henkel), Wollite, Luxus, Domal, Perwool, "Lusk" ("Henkel South"). Most of these tools are also available in liquid form, but there areand powders.

Such funds Extra-enriched ingredients for gentle washing, and have in their composition retainer dye to prevent fading black. In some facilities added antibacterial ingredients. A clear advantage of such liquid assets - in the absence of blooming, which often appear on theblack underwear after washing them with powders, because the powders are present poorly water-soluble additives, which are deposited on the clothes.

also to special detergents include detergents for curtains. They also come in liquid and in powder form(DALLI Gardinen reinweiss, etc.). These funds are intended to mitigate the textile, after washing, they are crushed smaller, they are easier to iron.They typically include chemical composition and optical brighteners.

Sometimes dirt can be washed off with plain water from the laundry, but if we have to deal with difficult stains, without the synthetic powder is necessary.In the detergent composition include various chemicals.

Let's talk about the main:
- surfactants or surface-active substances - their molecules tear fat droplets from the fabric fibers.
- Enzymes - destroy difficult stains of protein origin.Begins to act after a while and water at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees Celsius.
- Bleaching agents - eliminate the yellowing linen.Effective in hot water, becauseonly at high temperatures, oxygen, bleaching the fabric.Sometimes powder added chemical bleach activator which whitens tissue and at lower temperatures.
- Sequestrants - soften the water.
- Optical AZUR - give effect white stained underwear.
- Fragrances - fragrance of freshly washed linen, but nice is not for everyone, which will be discussed below.
- Foam stabilizers - reduce the formation of foam and are therefore suitable for washing machines.Also reduces the adhesion of dirt to the repeated tissue.Previously considered that more foam than the better detergent.
- Binders - protect the appliance from scale formation.

decide what exactly to choose the powder should be carefully studied its composition.It is best for different types of washing powders purchase individual - colored laundry items;items made of wool, silk and other delicate fabrics;laundry items that need bleaching or stain removal.

You can certainly buy and versatile powder, but then you should carefully select the program and wash temperature, taking into account its purpose.But in this case, be sure to purchase a separate powder for washing things from wool and silk.