How to save on cosmetics

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13 March 2016
How to save on cosmetics

Sometimes we girls in the form of different bottles, vials very vigilant and are ready to buy the whole store.Stop!

enough to squander and leave the store half the salary.After all, you can save on cosmetics.The main thing is, even to this issue should be approached wisely.

should be borne in mind that such powerful modern cosmetic composition, the effect will be even small doses.

Do not pour the floor bottle of shower gel or shampoo.Remember that the correct portion of shampoo - the size of a five-ruble coin How to save on cosmetics.

Before buying cleansers for the face, you need to determine your skin type.To do this, on the face after washing is necessary to put a paper towel for a few seconds.If on a napkin were clearly distinguishable grease, accordingly, the skin is oily.

Normal skin leaves a subtle traces on a napkin.If on a napkin at all there is no trace, that means you - the owner of a dry skin.After determining your skin type, you need to choose the right funds for its maintenance.

Cleansers and creams

buy according to your skin type.If you have oily skin, it is best to use for cleaning is not milk, a gel.

By the way, better to buy detergents with dispenser.It's much more hygienic, and allows you to adjust the volume.The excess of creams and lotions will not benefit.Economically and efficiently other volumes.For example, the problem of lotion - to remove the remnants of makeup.You just enough to overturn the neck of the bottle on a cotton pad and wipe his face.

Now let's talk about the moisturizer.There are usually 5 drops - the cream is applied to the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks with small droplets and light tapping with your fingers drummed on the massage lines.

Eye Cream should be applied so - a drop of eyebrows and four drops on the bone under the eye.This is the most active points.The cream should be gently drive, in any case not to rub, so as not to stretch the skin.

But that does not happen much, so it is a face mask.To put it needs thick, but not more than three days a week.How to save on cosmetics

Cosmetics. In order to cover up a pimple do not need to use a ton of powder and corrector.Suffice first dot apply concealer to camouflage the desired section a person to wait a while for it to better absorb and then completely cover the face tone.Thus, we were able to mask some deficiencies, without using the equalizer.

In order to save someone else enjoy it experiences.You should not unconditionally trust advertising that promises to make your lips 3 times volumetric and eyelashes 10 times longer and buy all new cosmetic.As a rule, strongly advertised product is nothing extraordinary in itself is not, and is not cheap.

Finally, Teach yourself to follow the "rule of one bank."It is not to buy a new tool, as long as it will expire started jars.Or until it is finished, no need to buy a replacement.

And the most important rule in decorative cosmetics - it always know when to stop.After all, the most beautiful make-up - it's a natural make-up, almost imperceptible on the face.

Be beautiful!

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