To serve long shoes.

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21 March 2016
To serve long shoes.

clean the shoes rule remains unchanged: the shoes will last longer if her regularly and properly care.
Clean shoes we wear every day, you have not before leaving the house, and immediately, as soon as came from the street.

waterproof footwear can be made if the oil it several times along the seams linseed or castor oil, and a mixture of equal parts of wax and fat.If the shoes are still wet, then dry it can be a variety of ways.It is best to wet shoes to dry on the board or a special oven (you can buy a good shoe store).Another way - tight socks to fill the boots with newspaper, which perfectly absorbs moisture.If you change the paper several times, shoes dry up faster.

In addition, it is possible to dry the shoes with the help of a vacuum cleaner ...!To do this, insert the boot hose without a nozzle and turn on the device.Never dry wet shoes (including children's) near the fire on the stove or battery central heating: expensive cost.From high temperature materials from which the sewn shoes, deformed, the

skin gradually loses its elasticity and thread fastening parts are destroyed.It is also useful to regularly remove and dry the gimp Insulated insole.

And, of course, the shoes should be lubricated daily cream.Pick it is always the color of the shoes or boots.Colorless cream is only good for a light shoe, dark fades away.After 5-10 minutes after you have oiled boots cream, clean them with a brush.The brush should be separate for each cream.To give more shine, use polishes a polishing cloth or a piece of plush.

Do not use cleaning and bleach are not intended for shoes.

lacquered shoes
should occasionally wipe with a cloth soaked in milk.Tarnished place you can rub the cut onion, and then polish with a soft dry cloth.To lacquered shoes does not warp, it is sometimes necessary to lubricate with Vaseline, glycerine or castor oil.Shoes made of leather suede type rubber brush should be cleaned daily.To refresh the color, it is necessary from time to time to rub a shoe cotton swab dipped in milk or ammonia, and after it is dry rub with fine sandpaper.If the shoes felt very dirty, wash them thoroughly (but note that the shoes can "sit"), and dry, brush with a stiff brush or fine sandpaper.

matte velvety surface suede shoes makes it very attractive and elegant.Besides winter boots made of this material are well kept warm.But care for them is not so simple.Suede shoes can be cleaned with a stiff brush, sandpaper (carefully), side rough surface of the new matchbox, ink eraser crust of stale bread, brown - with a brush dipped in tea leaves.Worth to suede shoes, you can freshen up, if not for long hold shoes on the jet of steam from the kettle.

White leather shoes best wash foam sponge or soft brush dipped in mild detergent.Then rinse it with warm water, wipe dry and brush shoes colorless cream.