Permanent tattoo

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13 March 2016
Permanent tattoo

Every girl dreams of being a beautiful 24 hours a day without a gram of cosmetics on the face.Do you think this is unrealistic?And here and there.With permanent tattoo this possible.Just think how great - no need to sit for hours in front of a mirror, trying to clearly draw the arrow in the century.And the morning after a romantic night sees your choice all the same beautiful girl in front of him, which captivated him with its ethereal beauty.

Permanent tattooing (it is called permanent makeup) is applied to the lips, eyelids, eyebrows.He performed in the cabin.Master may, at your request to draw a clear line of eyebrows thin or make tattoo with shading and shadow effect.

addition to decorative make-up, permanent tattoo can perform corrective function.It can be used to mask dark spots on the skin, burn marks and scars.This is done so that the skin, a different color from the main color of skin, coloring and made invisible.

makes this cosmetic procedure should be tested in the cabin with

an experienced master.The essence of the performance permanent tattoo is the same as the regular tattoo.The difference in the devices for its application - they are more accurate and powerful.When the permanent tattoo use hypoallergenic paints which do not cause allergic reactions and swelling.The main objective of the master - to make permanent make-up did not look away from the face, like a mask.A person must be sufficiently bright and expressive, but it should be evident to all.

Performing permanent tattoo can cause some not very pleasant.It all depends on the degree of sensitivity of the skin.On the lips of the skin is more sensitive than the eye, so the tattooing of lips do a little sick.After the procedure slight swelling, which pass through a couple of days.

Makeup for a couple of minutes

Permanent tattooing of lips will help to improve their shape, color.You can permanently forget about lipstick.Running tattoo colors with a smooth transition from the contour of the lips to the middle.It is visually increase the volume.

Tattooing eyebrows will help those who have eyebrows are too light or infrequent.In addition, you can adjust or completely change the shape of eyebrows.Soft feather gives a natural effect, if you were touched up a little eyebrow pencil.

Light eyeliner on the eyelids can you get rid of the long procedure "flat drawing arrows" in the morning, especially when so not enough time to make up.And as the morning arose - and has a beauty, no need to waste precious time.

Before deciding on this procedure, it is necessary to consult with the master.Discuss with them the technique of execution, color.Be sure to find out whether you have contraindications in which you can not do permanent tattoo .

Contraindications Contraindications:
- diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes;
- acute herpes.By the way, experts say that permanent makeup lips often leads to an exacerbation of herpes on the lips.To avoid these troubles, before the procedure is necessary to pass preventive course reception antigerpesnyh drugs.

Permanent tattooing not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well if you have a tendency to various allergic reactions and taking blood-thinning medications.

In addition, the day of the procedure is not recommended to drink coffee and alcohol.Just do not spend permanent tattoo during the critical days, as during this period increased sensitivity.

Keeps permanent makeup quite a long time.It depends on the tone colors - darker than it is, the makeup lasts longer.The paint does not disappear completely, it's a little lighter.For example, painted eyebrows should tinker about a year.

follow the procedure permanent tattoo , you can save time on daily makeup and always stay beautiful at any time of the day!