Summer make-up - tips in the heat

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14 March 2016
Summer make-up - tips in the heat

When it comes to a truly extreme heat, do not even want to think about that person need to impose some kind of cream, powder and everything else.I would like nothing more than to continually pour cold water.

Yet, going on business, for a walk or on a date, every woman aspires to look attractive, so it does not do without cosmetics.Summer Makeup

How to reconcile the irreconcilable - the sticky heat and decorative make-up?In fact, it is quite possible, you should only give up some funds and replace them with others.

Summer make-up you require special care.

The first streaks of mascara and colored stains can ruin even the most beautiful face.

And secondly, the excess of cosmetics on the skin creates a kind of "shell" that will impede access of air and contribute to clogged pores.It will quickly become a cause of acne, acne, inflammation and other troubles.

On what should be discarded?

With the arrival of summer, postponed the farthest box of such funds:

- concealer, oil-based;
- eyeshadow in cream -

they quickly rolled up on the eyelids and give the face a slovenly appearance;
- resistant lipstick that will make lips dry;
- eyebrow pencil and eye, as a part of which has a wax - this ingredient will melt in the sun and pencil just "flow";
- compact powder that hardens in the sun, mixed with sweat and turn into crust untidy;
- blush: dry blend with the inevitable drops of sweat, resulting in ugly divorces are obtained, and the fat will be very shiny, and will not allow the skin to breathe.

What should I use?

for hot summer days will have to buy some cosmetics that will help keep makeup and feel confident:

- makeup base, water-base, which is much easier to foundation, but evens out no worse;Summer Makeup
- liquid shade - instead of creamy: the shadows are easily and precisely applied immediately absorbed into the skin and stay on it for a long time without smearing and spreading;
- waterproof mascara, which will serve you faithfully and in very hot weather (not smeared and will be spread), and during a sudden summer rain;
- waterproof eyeliner and eyebrows (instead of a pencil, you can use liquid liner);
- liquid blush, to be applied very thin layer under the foundation;
- favorite lip gloss shade: it nourishes the lips, not letting them dry out, and if there is such a need, the luster is easy to fix (if you do not like glitter - stop at a light lipstick);
- loose powder, which enshrines the make-up and can easily be kept on the skin for several hours.

brunettes and blondes

Blondes makeup artists recommend to remain faithful to the traditional pastel tones.We should choose the most natural colors, so as not to add to his age.If you want to stand out or simply to emphasize the good mood - choose a bright pink lipstick and a little more pronounced than usual, move the eyes.

But if you - brunette , you can experiment!Summer morning, of course, do not overload the face with bright colors, but in the afternoon it is possible to afford to freshen makeup to make it more eye-catching, especially if you're going to spend the evening at a party or on a date.
Summer Makeup

A few tips

If you want to be applied morning makeup preserved at least until dinner, enough to buy "old" cosmetics, we must also follow some rules of its application .

1. Before you apply cosmetics, please use a light moisturizer.After 10-15 minutes, when it is fully absorbed (surpluses can be wet cloth), you can begin to make-up.This precaution will make the makeup more durable.

2. Choosing a tonal basis, focusing on the lighter tones in comparison with the usual.The fact that hot day Tint unintentionally mixed with pores extending from sebum, thereby becoming noticeably darker.

Summer Makeup

3. Take advantage of the application of cosmetics are not fingers, and sponges and brushes.This is necessary because layer summer cosmetics must be thin and at the same time sufficiently dense and fingertips will not achieve this.

4. When the heat became unbearable, get out of her handbag special matting wipes purchased in advance, and gently pat the face.Greasy luster gone, will face fresh and matte.

Another option - to refresh the face with a spray.Tiny droplets of water then it is not necessary to wipe: just let them dry and carefully powdered face powder matting.

Additional care

you had to camouflage makeup as little as possible shortcomings, try to not have them.To do this regularly use masks and scrubs, cleans the skin.There are whole line looking after cosmetics intended for summer days, and usually a range of the mask can be applied quite frequently, sometimes even after a day.

Try to get enough sleep to face in the morning was fresh, with no bruises under his eyes, and edema.

Eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals, and try to refrain from sausages, fatty meats and pastries.Such a diet can help reduce sebum production.

Author Olga Moses
for the women's magazine "beauty"