Lessons from the right makeup

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14 March 2016
Lessons from the right makeup

basic rules of makeup

right person to make up - is an art.And the main thing in this process is not the amount of time spent and the availability of luxury cosmetics.It is important to know the features of your face, have the skills of applying make-up, a sense of proportion and style.
makes no sense to follow fashion trends, if it will not make your face more attractive.

your makeup should not only conform to skin tone and face shape, but also the time of day, as well as the purpose of the event.

Bad Taste come to the office with an evening make-up, and in the darkness of night club no one will notice the natural makeup.
mother of your future husband does not appreciate a scarlet lipstick, and here on the theatrical premiere it will be very appropriate.

Natural Makeover Makeup Artists

rightly believe that perfectly painted face - this person is not looking at much, much makeup on him imposed .
Therefore, so-called natural or organic makeup is very popular among stylists, celebrities a

nd ordinary people.This makeup allows you to visually make the face look younger, which is especially important, given the modern cult of youth.girl, makeup, woman, person

So, classic natural makeup - a lightweight tonal basis, as close to your skin tone;masking agent (if necessary);translucent powder;gray or brown mascara (bright brunette east type can afford to black);Natural shades of eyebrow pencil (and most natural line of eyebrows);blush light pastel shades in a small amount;lipstick, cream, pink, beige tones.

If you want to highlight your eyes , is at your disposal - the shade of pastel colors (light pink, beige, sand, milky-white).Line the eyes can be traced with a pencil or shades of gray and brown.
Learn how to make a make-up is much easier than, for example, draw a neat hand.

Where: Office, Shopping, Walk with the children, dinner with parents
When: morning, afternoon

Sexy Makeup: three options

natural make-up, you can safely change to a bright and sexy as only changes the time of day and therefor this occasion.
Makeup artists traditionally do not advise to do makeup Two bright accents: or lips or eyes .Otherwise, the whole image will be "puppet" and overly bright.

1) «Smoky eyes» - mystery
girl, eyes, make-up, Smoky eyes Create a smoky eye - accessible to all and quite fast technique.For it needed shade, powdered and pencil matte shades.

other accents but «smoky eyes» in your image should not be and that is why even the skin tone and a transparent lip gloss.After applying

forever correcting means and powder can be applied darker shades shadows as close to the lash line.Shadows shaded so that the dark color was closer to the lashes, and then it gradually brightened.
followed by eyeliner.After the application it is also necessary to shade.Therefore it is better to use a pencil.Bring you can not only external but also inside of the century.
eyelashes need to clearly make up in several layers.You can stock, in addition to "open" the eyes.

2) Arrows - coquetry
With flirty arrows can not only enchant man, but also to adjust the shape of the eye.Arrows painted on the upper eyelid with a soft pencil or eyeliner before you apply mascara.Never skimp on these tools, they must be of high quality and hypoallergenic.Before "drawing" is necessary to cover the eyelid shadows or lightly powder.arrow makeup, face, girl
draw arrows can be in several stages, if you are afraid that the hand in the process of applying falter.And learn better on the pencil, then switch to a liquid eyeliner.The ability to draw arrows as suitable for you shape and length gradually comes to the training process.
traditional colors of eyeliner : black, gray, dark brown.But stylists use on displays and colored arrows, which are relevant in everyday life except for a youth party.

3) The scarlet lipstick - a frank appeal
Red lipstick has always been seen as the sexually explicit element of make-up.
But it, like a scarlet manicure, you need to know how to apply, otherwise it will appear on the lips sloppy.
Red lipstick requires a special approach: tonal basis, dusting, accurate contour (tone on tone girl, makeup, lipstick, red lipstick, heart, candy or darker tone of lipstick).With the circuit can adjust the shape of the lips.The contour of the lips may be, as well as the eyeliner, drawing in stages, connecting set point in the right places.
Then apply the lipstick itself. Ideally this should be done with a brush, so stained lips better and as a result looks strikingly. After the first layer, if you have the opportunity and time to better his lips wet cloth and powder.And then apply a second coat.

Where: Date, issue (a party, a banquet, "corporate", etc.)
When: Evening, night

Trends Fall / Winter 2010:

- Bright mouth: lipstick red and wineshades.
- cat's eyes: dark shadows and arrows
- child's face: wide eyebrows, a plump mouth, fluffy eyelashes
- Terracotta makeup: eye shadow, blush, lipstick beige, brown and terracotta hues.

Author Julia
Prokhorov and for the women's magazine "The beauty»