Cosmetics and Colors: masks, baths, infusions

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11 March 2016
Cosmetics and Colors: masks, baths, infusions

In the old days, when there was such an abundance of cosmetic products industrial production, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used traditional recipes to stay beautiful for years to come.Today, many popular recipes absolutely vain forgotten.Yes, of course, ready to use cosmetics is much more convenient, but natural ingredients home recipes are often more effective tools in the fight for your beauty.

most common ingredient of both industrial and home beauty recipes - flowers!Today you can buy almost any flowers all year round.Rose petals, buds calendula and chamomile can be found at any drugstore.Decoctions and infusions of rose petals, to help soothe the skin.And relieve irritation and dryness of the skin helps broth with the addition of chamomile lavender infusion.

a vast array of colors, perhaps, that the rose can be given the title of "Queen of Beauty."The quickest and most effective cosmetic infusion, which is used for dry and delicate skin - rose water.On the basis of preparing its most

modern cosmetics.Rosa has a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Rose water can be frozen and used ice cubes such as a tonic for the skin, and rose petals left over from the bouquet presented to you, you can make a wonderful tool for a bath.

Here is a simple recipe : Take a jar with a wide mouth, pour into it the usual 200 grams of coarse salt, fill the remaining space with rose petals.Bank to close tightly, and shake.After that, let the infusion of a mixture of a couple of weeks in a warm place.This time will be enough to ensure that the salt has absorbed all aromatic oils and vitamins contained in the petals of roses.Add two tablespoons of salt in the preparation of aromatic bath at each bathing, and soon your skin will become soft and velvety.

Want to have your skin glowing and radiant health?This will help you daisy flowers.This flower has appreciated the beauty of ancient Greece.On the basis of chamomile decoction they prepared the means for skin and hair.From the dry chamomile flowers can cook wonderful mask for oily skin .

To do this, 3 tablespoons of dry powdered flowers need to mix it with warm water until the consistency of thick gruel.Cool the mixture and flatten it on the fabric.Ready wrap attach to the skin, and cover with a towel to retain heat better.This mask will help get rid of blackheads.For the hair, there is another excellent means of infusion of chamomile and honey.Decoction of chamomile infusions to 1.5 hours, strain, add a spoonful of honey and wait until it dissolves.This infusion is used for rinsing hair.The result is comparable to the effect of the use of industrial balms and rinse hair.

marigold flowers - this is another excellent remedy for hair.A decoction of calendula is effective in for problematic scalp and combat dandruff.The crushed marigold blossoms to mix a couple of drops of rose water and castor oil.The resulting mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair 3-5 minutes.Well if this procedure you'll do for a month, each time when washing your head.A decoction of calendula as good for oily skin.The flowers of calendula have healing and soothing effect.Filling a clean container with flowers of calendula and olive oil, close tightly and store in a dark place.Every day, shake the contents of the container, and in two weeks you will have an excellent remedy for pimples and blackheads.

rose, chamomile and calendula, most commonly used in cosmetology for flowers.But apart from them, the health of your skin and hair can be used lilies, jasmine, cornflowers and other flowers.If you presented a bouquet of wilted flowers, do not rush to throw it away.These flowers are still serve you in the struggle for your beauty!

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