Washing windows

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24 March 2016
Washing windows

That's the long-awaited spring!And with it the time of the general cleaning of the apartment.In many areas it is already well sun warms, it is even possible to open the window and let in the apartment this magical refreshing scent of spring.But first you need to wash the windows after a cruel and cold winter.

first thing my frame of wooden parts.Only warm water and soap or soda or lye do not add - they corrode oil paint.

window * Glass Wipe clean with a liquid slurry of water and chalk, giving dry and then wipe clean with newspaper.If the glass in the winter it is very dusty, they can be wiped dry and pre-sifted wood ash.Good and special glass cleaner that offers household chemicals.
* Grease stains from the glass well washed off with water and ammonia.
* Clean window glass can be cleaned with a solution of copper sulfate (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water), they become a beautiful greenish hue.Dry ultramarine blue gives the glass a bluish tint.
* turbid coating on the glass can be removed with a cl

oth moistened with vinegar, then wash the glass with clean water and wipe dry with a soft paper in a circular motion.
* Window glass does not become dirty so quickly if, after washing wipe them with a mixture of 30 g of water, 70 g of glycerin and a few drops of ammonia.
* When washing windows need to wipe them with one hand vertically and on the other - horizontally noticeable, which places poorly washed.
* Window glass, stained renovated lime or oil paint, you must first scratched with something sharp, then wipe with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
* If oil paint on a window pane fresh, not had time to dry - wipe the glass with a cloth moistened with vegetable oil, then wipe dry glass to shine.
* Glass windows will not freeze in winter, if the outer and inner side wipe them with a mixture of 10 parts of denatured alcohol and 1 part of glycerin.
* If you do not seal up and not cover up the exterior of the frame, glass and will not freeze.Radiators, beneath the window sills, it is convenient to wash conventional cleaning brush, dipped it into a lather.
* If metal rings with the curtain badly slide on the round wooden eaves, lubricate it with engine oil.Graphite also help to slide freely on the grated it hooks runners Curtain rods.To the hooks do not jump off the ledge-strings tighten them with pliers.

now hang curtains, put the flowers on the windowsill and see how fun and brighter from the house!
Let spring into your home!