How to clean carpets

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25 March 2016
How to clean carpets

Carpet Cleaning As you know, the easiest way to clean the carpet - it is vacuumed.However, if the carpet is not new from time to time need to be more effective cleaning.What about those who do not have washing vacuum cleaner?Clean the following ways:

1) Cleaning the snow.In winter, a carpet laid out on the snow and laid him with a broom snow.After some time, sweep the dirty snow.If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

2) Cleaning salt.Carpet thickly sprinkled with large common salt, and then sweep it hard broom.Before starting work it is necessary to wash a broom in hot soapy water.As pollution broom rinsing in water.

3) Cleaning the tea brewing.This method is not recommended for light carpets, but it is dark carpets contrast, color refresh and give live shine.For this method of cleaning is necessary to collect tea leaves asleep, wrapped it in gauze and a good squeeze.Then throw the tea leaves on the carpet and after 15 minutes sweep.

4) Cleaning filings.This method is just for light carpets.Sawdust lightly mo

isten the cleaning solution in a mixture with gasoline.Then, throw the carpet and sweep with a broom.

5) Cleaning with vinegar.Very good refreshes.You must first remove the dust, ievacuum the carpet.After wet the brush in a solution of vinegar in a 1 tablespoons per 1 liter of water, shake off excess moisture and to spend on the entire surface of the carpet.Clean in the direction of the nap.

Removing stains from carpets

Grease stains are removed in the following ways: 1) on the stain sprinkle talcum powder or chalk, cover with blotting paper and iron hot iron on top;2) moisten the dust in gasoline and leave them on the carpet for some time, for example overnight.

Ink stains can try to remove the citric acid or acetic acid and alcohol.Brushing should be alternately holding a cloth over the spot, soaked in acid (alcohol), and a cloth soaked in milk.

stains of unknown origin, you can try to bring the warm soapy water with the addition of ammonia.