Antimony - makeup secrets East

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15 March 2016
Antimony - makeup secrets East

centuries, the eye associated with power and mystery and known as the mirror of the human soul.Women are always aware of the attractiveness of the eye.They have made more effort to increase the size of the eye, than men.Cleopatra was known to the skilled worker decorate eyes: she used kohl - antimony - to trace the contours and emphasizing the eyes.

eyes eastern beauties had hit the man's heart at first sight.Harem plucked eyebrows and eyelashes care used antimony, which is made from mutton fat, almond oil, usma, Basma and most of antimony.It is applied in a thin wooden stick, sometimes adding ash.
antimony used in the East for 3000 years BC.The Latin name of the element associated with the mineral "stibolyl" from which in ancient Greece gave antimony.

to Egyptian concern about appearance was of paramount importance.The greatest attention is paid to the make-up eyes - "the mirror of the soul", they painted a thick black liquid called "suits", causing her eyelids to brush or a special thin stic

k.Painting done speaking and expressive eyes.Malachite green, apply shadows, heal various diseases of the eye.From Egypt, the art of make-up spread all over the world.

name " antimony " comes from the Turkish word "Suremain", which means "rubbing," "blackening the eyebrows."
¬ęKohl (khur, kuhl, kahal, or kohol) - a black substance that female Arabian Peninsula used as eyeliner and kohl.Antimony eye beautiful oriental make-up and eye health.To make
looked oriental, should definitely more black!Rough brighter eyes and eyebrows.Because of Oriental women are by nature black.Even eyelashes look like they have a connector.

Women polzovali antimony East since ancient times for the care and treatment of the eye.It is known that in earlier times women also prepared different compositions of antimony for different purposes for different makeup effects.Each woman had a 5-6 antimony species with different compositions that are individually used for daytime eye makeup and eyebrows, especially for festive and bright make-up, for the therapeutic effect of the night, as well as to relieve fatigue from his eyes and cleanse several times a week.

Results addressed antimony eyes, especially if they are large and expressive, seem more attractive than without it.
In addition to making kohl eyes brighter and bigger, it is believed that it also protects them from disease.Its black color helps to combat the blinding desert sun, so kohl'em are both women and men.Kohl - a powder of antimony.In addition to the dark, and he is a bluish-white color.The powder is available in Middle Eastern grocery stores.Do not buy kohl, if it is badly crushed.Kohl-pencils, used in modern cosmetic industry, for the application of this kohl completely unsuitable.Antimony - a fine powder-like ink and damage the edges of the conjunctiva century.Initially, the powder had a total sulfides of antimony or carbon black, now often replaced lead sulfide.

Curma eye is used by men and women.It has no contraindications and expiration date.It is used in dry form.Antimony can be applied to children with half a year, as this has no antimony grains and does not cause allergies.

to apply kohl, you need :
1) A small stick or toothpick with rounded ends.Place it overnight in olive oil, so that it soaked into the wood.The olive oil can also be used for cleaning after the procedure instrument.

2) Package powder kohl.IMPORTANT: If you wear contact lenses, you should apply kohl before you insert them (in my experience, the paint does not harm gas permeable lenses, but I can not guarantee).

Take a stick in his right hand to apply kohl to his right eye.Dip it into a powder.Hold the wand parallel to the eye: Start with an internal point of the eye, go between the eyelids and lightly touches the eye itself (it does not hurt).Dip the wand again, take it in your left hand and move the left eye.You can work with the eyebrows.
your eyelids become black even at the roots of the lashes, so that white skin left.Warning: kohl is waterproof, but the rain will spread.A tiny amount of powder is enough for a couple of years, and use it much more useful than a commercial makeup, because of which you are afraid of your eyes.Excess powder will collect in the corners of the eyes, and you can clean it up.Kohl gives the impression of a much smaller "artificial" than commercial eyeliner;people will notice your eyes, but it would be difficult to understand why they get noticed.

After applying antimony eyelids become black even at the roots of the lashes, so that white skin remains.At the end of the day once the powder is collected in the corners of the eyes, it must be easy to clean.

antimony Types:
Antimony eye powder
.Coloring of the eyes at night curmoy improves eyesight, promotes the growth of eyelashes and ocular removes selection.Excellent fatigue to the eyes and cleanses the eye.The natural color of your eyes shaded, it becomes more saturated and bright.You can use every day.Easily removed with soap, cleansing foams or oil.
Antimony eye based on almond oil, Basma .This type of antimony is very good for bright oriental make-up eyes and brows.The ingredients are mixed thoroughly, antimony has a smooth soft texture.Almond oil nourishes the skin and gives the age make-up moisture, the eyes become large and beautiful, vibrant luster it look liveliness.Basma nourishes lashes.
Antimony stick with the addition of olive oil .Daytime makeup is a beautiful, bright, saturated, the effect of moisture sight without spreading.Especially useful at night for therapeutic purposes.You can use every day.Easily removed with soap, cleansing foams or oil.
Antimony eye with the addition of camphor and plant extracts to remove eye fatigue.Extracts amly (Indian gooseberry), almond oil camphor complement an excellent effect of antimony.This type of antimony copes with increased eye fatigue.

Arabic makeup impossible without gold, ocher and terracotta hues.Dark skin with gold glitter, blush tan emphasize sculpture face.Draw eyes like Cleopatra, just a little softer.Antimony completely encircle the eye, painting almond shape.Shadows from golden brown to black shades.And be sure to black Kayal (soft pencil) circle on mucous eyes - this will give the look east languor and mystery.Eyelashes are painted intensely.Lipsticks in warm earth tones until terracotta.In general, the makeup should be luxurious and sexy.

Stage Makeup for Oriental dance.
Please apply on face moisturizer on his foundation.And for those who already have wrinkles - the color of foundation is not to take the darker color.Bruises under the eyes (if any) plastered yellow corrector, red spots on the skin - green.General rule - all the lines from the center of the face going up.It eyebrows, outer corners of the eyes, the corners of the lips.The hardest thing to accept was not sinking, and taking off his eyebrows to the temples - but they dramatically changed the face - eyes opened.Then, just raised the outer corners of the eye and the inner slightly lowered down.If the natural state corners of her mouth looked down, the shape of the lips slightly to redraw the form of light half-smile.

Another general rule - more glitter and bright colors - all neutral and tranquil from a distance the scene is lost.Gold and silver were used for age, white and silver eyeliner on the edge of the lower eyelid, mother of pearl - under the brow, shine in the middle of the lower lip.Lips clearly delineated - was an option even with a black outline, - for the stage as possible.Pronounced blush used not for everyone - if the girl is young, and dance sad or dreamy, - cheekbones only slightly in touch blush tone with lipstick.Eyelashes at the master class stained with ink, but mentioned that very often used false eyelashes.This can be a strip of ciliated desired length, which is easy to glue itself - here it is important not to overdo it and do not take eyelashes, the wings for the show-ballet.And you can paste in a barbershop three to five bundles of cilia on each eye.They look almost natural and last a few days, if handled carefully to them.

Makeup - the most beautiful manifestation of feminine guile.
Be Adorable as beauty and oriental tales, a look that was fascinating!