How to choose powder

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16 March 2016
How to choose powder

fine powder absorbs oil and mattes the skin.Therefore, it is ideal for oily, combination or normal skin with large pores.But dry and aging skin powder can make more land.

Loose powder. Loose (powder) powder gives a faint shade and light matting effect.Therefore, it is better to use on top of foundation.Applied easily and abundantly.It is well absorbed and distributed, it makes the facial features especially soft and gentle.Apply loose powder should be only after the foundation day and completely absorbed.If it is still covered by a fatty skin cream, make-up will look spotty.To apply loose powder brush, dial her powder, shake off excess, then a short, light strokes undertaken by it in the face.It is better to do it from the top down to fuzz on his face is not bristled.If it turns out that a lot of powder on the face, do not shake off the excess, just swipe to these areas without powder brush.It is not recommended to apply loose powder puff, becausewith their help it is unevenly distributed.In a

ddition, they are hard to dial exactly amount of powder is needed.

Compact powder. Compact Powder more practical.It is convenient to use on the road.It is useful for those whose skin periodically throughout the day starts to shine.In this powder contains a lot of fat, so if you have dry skin, then you should use it.Compact powder can not be applied thickly powdered with her face section by section.

powder into spheres. beads are mixed in a powder on the brush and apply a very transparent layer.Powder in the balls evens the complexion, gives the skin a nice shade, creates a light matting effect and makes pores less visible.This powder reflects light, thus softening the facial features that appear to be sharp and intense.The person thus looks fresh and radiant.

Transparent powder. It is suitable for any complexion.However, it almost does not hide minor flaws and is only good for almost flawless skin.

Antiseptic powder. It does not contain any fat, or aromatics, but have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.Antiseptic powder is applied with a cotton swab.This powder is suitable only for inflamed and problem skin.Normal or dry skin, it will cause harm.

Masking green powder. This powder is a powder or compact.It should be used very carefully.Places that you have to disguise, very accurate powder green powder.Then, a few times cut their flesh-colored icing until it disappears green tint.Green powder should be used in very limited quantities.

shimmering powder. shimmering powder contains gold or silver particles.With artificial lighting, especially in the light of candles, they create a beautiful shimmer on the face.However, it should be remembered that in the daylight shimmering powder looks unnatural.

terracotta or bronze powder. This powder is perfect for tanned skin.This powder is good for the summer.It replaces the foundation and blush, giving the face a special summer freshness.The terracotta powder added good quality curative mud, which makes brown color more intense and natural.Terracotta powder emphasizes the contours of the face.But pale or tanned skin or terracotta bronzing powder looks very rough.

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