The basic rules of winter makeup

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17 March 2016
The basic rules of winter makeup

how beautiful the winter?How to choose a winter make-up?After all, you were waiting on the street the wind, frost or moisture and indoor air is often too dry heaters.

To maintain perfect shape until the evening, try to perform some simple recommendations cosmetologists:

Council 1. Moisturizing or nourishing cream?

more suitable for winter nourishing - because it contained the components of the skin will be perfectly protected from redness, will not peel off and annoyed.And then the skin care needs of any type - even oily suffer during the cold season from the adverse effects of cold.

Tip 2. How to choose a "winter" foundation?

For winter the best option would be a foundation rich texture, not on the water, and oil-based.

Tip 3. Mascara

Unfortunately, carefully painted eyelashes in snow or frost rarely remain the same careful: ink spreads under your eyes, creating a slovenly appearance.Choose for the winter special ink - a gel-based polymers.This mascara is not afraid of any "enem

ies" - no humidity, no cold, no tears, no sebum.Before applying mascara, powder eyelids, and excess mascara brush to carefully remove the tissue.These precautions will help to avoid the appearance of lumps and gluing cilia.

Council 4. Care Lip

lips in cold weather require special care - because their skin lacks sebaceous glands, which means that dries quickly and starts to peel off.In many cases it can reach even cracks on the lips - a very painful and unpleasant to look at.Buy lip balm that contains vitamin E - this vitamin is a natural antioxidant, that is protects our lips from premature aging.Very well, if in the balm also includes natural oils - jojoba, avocado, and so on. N. Due to the gentle care of these oils lips get extra food, and cracks heal quickly.If you're already concerned about the problems with the lips - apply balm not only before leaving the house, but also at night.

Council 5. Powder

Argued that the powder can not be applied in the winter, because it dries the skin.Perhaps this is true - but only if it is a powder "last generation".Modern powder major manufacturers are saturated with minerals that prevent dry skin, nourish it and make it more healthy.Just a little face powder over cream - tone, moisturizing or nourishing.If you do not use cream - it is better not to cause icing: it would look messy, because you can not achieve an even layer.

Council 6. Blush

choosing paint for the winter, pay attention to your natural blush shade that appears on the cheeks in cold weather."Porcelain" gentle face will benefit from bright, cold tones of blush, you can try to completely transparent.Golden skin with peach shimmer looks fine if to emphasize cheekbones pink and peach or orange blush.Darkie can enjoy more vivid hues.Eliminate all until the spring sun shades - they now look unnatural.

main rule - do not overdo it with makeup, because a properly selected winter makeup emphasizes the natural beauty of women.

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