Care eyebrows

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17 March 2016
Care eyebrows

hard to imagine a beautiful woman without eyebrows and eyelashes.Well-groomed brows give the correct form of the expressiveness of the eyes and determined expression.

attractiveness of female faces, largely depend on shapes and colors eyebrows .Well-groomed brows give the face expression, make it even more beautiful.

Eyebrows need regular care .In the evening, along with the cleansing of the face should be cleaned and eyebrows, because they are dust particles.

shape of eyebrows changes frequently depending on the fashion: from dark thick plucked to a thread, from straight to curved steeply.

Do not blindly follow fashion trends.Eyebrows should look natural.The shape and width of the brow should be adapted to the type of person is strictly individual.

for different face shapes fit following his eyebrows:

- To visually enlarge small eyes , paint on eyebrows, making them prominent and wide, and increase the distance between them, plucking hairs from the nose.If the eyes are close tog

ether, the distance between the eyebrows should be higher.

- To look younger need to increase the distance between the eyebrows, not reducing their width, and from the temples to achieve a graceful curve.

- oblong face fit right, distant from nose eyebrows.

- triangular face approach raised upwards and rounded, straight eyebrows are not recommended.

- Oval face best suited arched eyebrows.

- square face suitable long, eyebrows high altitude can be slightly arched.

- round face fit eyebrows raised up and at the end of a few rounded.

Caring means for eyebrows and eyelashes help to preserve the elasticity of the hair and stimulate its growth.Best suited those containing nettle extract, and castor oil.

To eyebrows were pretty important to determine their beginning and end.The eyebrow should start directly above the inner corner of the eye.Hairs on the bridge, go for this line are removed.To determine the end of the eyebrows take a pencil and apply it on the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.The end of the eyebrow is the point of intersection with an eyebrow pencil.The highest point of the eyebrows must be on a line running from the center of the upper lip through the pupil to the brow.

When caring for eyebrows and eyelashes using a small brush for eyelashes, shaped like a small tooth.When brushing circular movements moving from one end of the century to the tips of the lashes.It is useful to wet the brush in castor or olive oil, glycerin, or a tonic for the hair.This will make the eyebrows thick, silky and strengthen the roots.To lay the eyebrows use a special gel.Those few eyebrows, can use fortified creams that promote hair growth.

can change the shape of eyebrows with tweezers and a pencil.Before the procedure, you must know exactly what to choose the desired shape eyebrows to experiment with them is not worth it.Eyebrows are best nibbled evening to night passed a possible reddening.

Before epilation eyebrows wash your hands with soap and water, wipe them with tweezers and alcohol on the skin, apply a rich cream.Stretch the skin with your fingers in the area of ​​the eyebrows.The first, second and third fingers of the right hand hold the tweezers.Cheek tweezers grab the hair at the root.Clutching her cheeks and holding a pair of tweezers at an acute angle to the surface of the skin, quick jerk pulls in the direction of hair growth.First, remove a few hairs on one eyebrow, and then on the other and check the symmetry, then you can continue on.The eyebrow should be narrowed to the outer end and gradually eroding.

After waxing wipe the skin with alcohol and apply lotion (cream).Tweezers and treat alcohol.

With sharpened pencil, you can adjust the shape of eyebrows.Before applying the pencil, it is necessary that eyebrows were clean and combed.Do not carry on the eyebrows a flat line, apply light pencil quick short shtrishki from the inside out, as if drawing the hairs.Move from the inner to the outer end of the eyebrow.Fill in pencil some voids in the bends or lengthen too short eyebrow.To eyebrows looked more volume instead of a pencil, you can use shadow or mascara.

very important to choose the right color.Pick up the tone a little lighter than the natural color of hair, and for light and ashen hair - on the contrary.Brunettes suitable black pencil, brown - brown, red - terracotta blonde - light brown and gold.Gray and colorless eyebrows deprive a person of expression.They should be slightly brown tint or gray.