How to use powder

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18 March 2016
How to use powder
powder Powder makes features more elegant, gives the skin a velvety sheen, fixes makeup and hide wrinkles.Powder composed of natural kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc and ground silk, and moreover from the nutrient collagens and light oils.When selecting powder must take into account the natural color of the skin, as well as the base color you use.Color powder can match the color of the skin and foundations, and may be slightly darker or lighter base.

How best to apply powder and compact powder, you should pay attention.
Wait for the day and concealer completely absorbed.If you cover more powder powder soaked with fat skin, it will appear spotty.If you use powder powder generously apply it to the entire face.Only in this case, your features will appear soft and tender.Powder and skin around the eyes, eyelids and lips.So eye shadow and lipstick will stay longer.When the ink and covered with a thin film of powder on the lashes, they will appear thicker.

for applying powder is best to take the thick brush.

Puff, sponge powder is unevenly distributed.They are difficult to recruit just the right amount of powder which is necessary.If you use a compact powder, apply it with a brush or flat cosmetic sponge.Powder rub the skin with light circular movements.Pick the color of powder in precisely the tone of your complexion.It may be a bit lighter, but in any case not darken it.

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Antiseptic powder is applied to a disposable cotton swab, it is only for inflamed skin, normal, well or dry skin, it is contraindicated,because it will only bring harm.Powder in the form of multi-colored balls of different colors gives the skin freshness.This powder should be applied thick brush.Particles of beads are mixed in the brush and apply a very transparent layer.They reflect light and thus soften the facial features.For evening make-up, you can buy a shimmering powder.