Permanent Makeup: What is it?

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18 March 2016
Permanent Makeup: What is it?

Modern cosmetology gives women a great chance to escape everyday tedious procedures "bring herself up" - permanent makeup.There are special pigments, which is produced by a permanent makeup (tattooing).The pigments are introduced into the top layer of the skin and provide a permanent make-up for 3-5 years.This technology allows you to hide all the visual shortcomings of the person saves your time - at any time of the day you look gorgeous.

Tattooing (permanent makeup) has some significant advantages :
• is not washed off with water (swimming pool, sauna, shower);
• eliminates the need for plucking eyebrows and chemotherapy, with the help of tattoo you can not only create the image of a thin hair, but also to create the effect of thick hair;
• using permanent makeup can be very natural moles or freckles;
• eliminates the need for tedious daily makeup.
solves the problem of clogging of the pores and skin irritation from cosmetics.

about tattoos humanity learned a long time ago, and that is the

permanent make-up - only in the late 20th century.With the invention of the American beautician O'Reilly, who in 1880 invented the first electric car to create tattoos, the opportunity to impale pictures faster.The adaptation of this technology under the permanent make-up has been gradual.There were special thin needles absolutely safe dyes and high-performance machines for the picture.

Tattoo or permanent makeup - is a method of color correction shape of the lips, eyebrows, eyelids, which allows virtually without damaging the skin, to create the desired contour of the eyebrows, eyes and lips.This procedure must be classified as medical.The patient must actually represent the difficulties faced, decided to make permanent makeup.

How is the procedure and its consequences .
Permanent makeup, tattoo eye lets just forget about the need for a permanent eyeliner.He emphasizes the benefit shape of the eye, visually increases or decreases them.The permanent make-up of eyes there is a separation in the upper and lower eyelids.Underlining the ciliary edge of the upper eyelid makes the eyes more expressive: eyelashes seem fluffy, pupil - brighter.This makeup looks spectacular at any person in any section and shape of the eye.Underlining the ciliary edge of the upper eyelid can be an independent procedure, may "enter into an arrow."

emphasize the lower eyelid is not always, and often drawing the upper and lower eyelid visually reduces the eye.In addition, the emphasis on the lower eyelid can visually lower the level of the eye, which is not always the desired result.

on the lower eyelid is only one row of eyelashes.Near the roots of eyelashes or eyelids held under a very thin clear line, thus increasing the visual eye.

Women, who are tired of torturing yourself regularly and plucking eyebrows epilation, will appreciate the advantages of permanent makeup, tattoo eyebrows .Tattooing can be applied either as a single very thin line, and repeat completely natural eyebrows, and every hair is drawn separately.Available any shape and thickness.

Want to change the shape of your lips to give them volume increase, align, change their color ?Unbelievable but true - modern technology, permanent makeup tattoo allow to do it all!

also possible permanent makeup, tattoo nipples , often also referred to as a correction.Of course, without surgical reshaping nipples impossible.But the clever use of all available technologies and techniques, such as: drawing contour, pigmentation, allows you to make the nipples more expressive and, of course, sex.This procedure is absolutely safe.

addition!Permanent makeup "registered" those who have to several times a day with cosmetics in hands in front of a mirror to correct, mask, paint something on your face.It allows, without damaging the delicate skin of the face, change the shape and color of the lips, eyebrows, eye stress.You can optionally apply spicy mole.Is it possible to solve more serious problems - to hide "cleft lip" to disguise small scars, blemishes.

Tattoo will provide substantial assistance to patients with congenital and acquired defects of appearance :
• "harelip";
• alopecia (loss of eyebrows and eyelashes);
• injuries to the face and the consequences of reconstructive plastic surgery;
• help to correct and to emphasize the contours of the halo of the nipple after surgery mastopexy.

We must be prepared for mild to moderate soreness, although during the procedure mikropigmentirovaniya used anesthetic for external use.After the procedure, it may be a little swelling, not ugly face, but slightly increases the volume of the lips and eyelids.Eyebrows, generally do not swell.The next day it goes, but the circuit for the next 4-5 days will be 50%, and on the lips up to 80% brighter, yet shall not go very delicate crust, more like a peeling.Painting, which absorbed, will be less bright than immediately after the procedure.
shade of paint can vary depending on skin pigmentation and predetermine the customer exactly how it will turn out very hard.Shade may change at any time due to the use of new drugs or prolonged exposure to the sun without protective cream.

to just pick the color, you need to take into account the individual skin color.And it is quite difficult.Therefore, the help of experts to develop guidelines, where there is information about the individual selection of pigments for 300 types of skin (including the problem) that are not carried out "by eye", and on the basis of exact mathematical calculation, the exact recipes are mixing colors and correcting failures.

second and third procedure (and possibly more) at intervals of 4-6 weeks are needed to enhance the saturation compensation circuit and, aspaint can be absorbed unevenly (it depends on the individual properties of the skin) and some portions may look paler any brighter.Repeating achieved uniform intensity and symmetry of the figure.Designated treatment must be lubricated cream.It is not recommended until complete healing to apply makeup.Not recommended for 7-10 days, sauna, swimming pool, solarium, swimming in the sea.It is necessary to protect the person from direct sunlight, do not do other cosmetic procedures.After the procedure, in the eyes can be swelling, which usually takes place in the evening of the next day.

Immediately after the procedure, a specialist imposes on the scope of a special cream, which has a bactericidal effect and reduces inflammation and irritation.

After the procedure, permanent make-up for the first day is recommended to wash the area with cool water purified tattoo to avoid the thick crust.In an extreme case, if dry, you can use hygienic lipstick.Tools that accelerates the regeneration of the skin, should I begin on the second day.Thereafter, it is recommended to apply a protective layer of hygienic lipstick or sunscreen.During the healing process excluded the direct effect of ultraviolet rays and any steamed procedures (bath, sauna, beauty treatments).You can not delete your own crust.The final healing comes in 3-4 weeks.

Remember, it is almost impossible to correct with the help of permanent make some physiological characteristics: deep-set eyes, drooping eyelids, "bags" under the eyes, but the most natural "inaccuracies" you can adjust.

procedure is already well represented in the market for cosmetics, but still there are cases of poor performance of the tattoo - is vague and blurred lines on the eyelids, a wrong lip contours, sharp color change eyebrows up to the red or blue ... it comes from-this low professional level of masters.Tattoo - a very delicate and painstaking work.

most difficult and important procedure of permanent makeup
- correct technique of administration.This concept includes: making the necessary depth of the pigment, the perfect character lines and uniformity of staining.The main course - the depth of the puncture, which is controlled by a master's hand only.Therefore, the right choice wizard that will perform permanent makeup is a very important task.Perform this procedure must be a qualified medical professional with all the rules of aseptic and antiseptic, using special equipment and facilities to meet the requirements of procedural cabinet.
Permanent Makeup will be your companion for the next few years, so treat this process as much as possible should be carefully.