Serving New Year salads

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21 March 2016
Serving New Year salads

Our holiday table replete with both well known and loved salads and innovations that are coming up with resourceful hostess for the holidays.Try to pamper their loved ones, not only flavor combinations favorite salads, but also learn how to apply their original!

Salad in the form of rolls Here are some ways on how to submit an unusual salads.

Salads in the form of roll

Many salads for the holiday table, including "Herring under a fur coat" is usually cooked on a flat plate or in a vase, where layer upon layer stacked in sequence the necessary products.
Christmas Salad departure from the rule and prepare ruletny lettuce, stacking layers of the food products on the film, which is composed of several bands.In general, technology is simple and does not differ from traditional cooking, but there are nuances.
first - roll will be better to stay, if the products are finely chopped or grated postrugany.But in "herring under a fur coat" Herring can leave cut into large chunks or strips.
second in mayonnaise for a good "glue" roll need to add a

little melted gelatin.Spread the food on the film layers will be easier if the pre-mix each one with the mixture of mayonnaise and gelatin.
salad third - each subsequent layer of products to be slightly smaller in size last.
The hardest part - to gather the ends of the film, and putting some effort to form a roll of film is laid on the products.In this process, you may need helpers, accuracy and patience.
also supply in the form of salad roll can use pita bread, pancakes, fried thin omelet, large green leaves and placed in that salad toppings.Next
salad rolls wrapped in foil and leave for several hours in the refrigerator.
salads in the form of roll chooses, composed of contrasting color products.Cut ruletnye salads need a very sharp knife, so as not to trample not crumple roll.

salad in the form of beads

salad in the form of pellets Finely chop or grate ingredients for any of the traditional salads, "Olivier", "carrot and garlic", "Beet with garlic," any other.Fill necessary for each salad sauce and spices.Mix well and form a medium-sized hands balls.
thus prepared salads can Serve as a separate dish, folding beads on a flat plate slide or as an edible decoration for cutting meat and fish.

Salads in the ducts of the meat and cheese slicing

salads Very thin sliced ​​sausage production, meat and cheese products makes it easy to wrap up these plates cone filled with a mixture of chopped salad products to fix everything skewers and put on a beautiful dish.Since the sausage, ham or cheese to form a vessel for a salad, these ingredients do not need to add to the salad mix, if they were present in the original recipe.

Salads as a filling for baked products

New salads Beyond the usual tartlets (basket of dough for salads or pate), salads can be submitted in a bun or ducts, baked choux, puff pastry or a wafer cone.
Tartlets and all "vessels" of dough filled with salads should be eaten along with the stuffing, so try to cook a delicious pastry, and themselves "vessels" do not make too big.Also, remember that salads like "pot" is not stored for a long time as a constant, "utensils" dough becomes wet from the salad toppings.

salad in a boat from fruit and vegetables

salads boat Savoury salads serve half zucchini, cucumber, avocado, removing the pre one flesh.You can also use peeled and cut across the half tomato, peppers.
Fruit salads and sweet tempting to look at boats of pineapple, melon, watermelon and papaya.Top fruit salads sprinkled yogurt, cream or lemon juice.Sometimes decorate ice cream.Sprinkle with coconut, chocolate or coffee grounds.It all depends on your taste and product mix in a salad.

Salads leaf green

salads Green leaves Chinese cabbage, salad white or red cabbage, fill the prepared salad mixture.It is better to choose medium-sized leaves and tender, so they can be eaten with salad filling.
to form tubes from the leaves of the cabbage leaves thick cut, fold the tube and fill the finished salad mixture.To attach a tube use green onions, carrots, or a ring of cucumber.

We've shown you just a few ways the original supply of salads for the festive table.Serve your favorite salad is beautiful and unusual.

Bon appetit!

Burkova Oksana
for the women's magazine "beauty"