The right makeup for colds: 5 Simple Tips

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19 March 2016
The right makeup for colds: 5 Simple Tips

Colds especially increased in the late fall.Red nose, swollen eyes, flaky lips give out your health.But if there is no heat, it is necessary to carry out their daily duties - to go to work or school, to meet with business partners, to buy food and stuff.

How to disguise his appearance a cold before you leave home so as not to terrify the others? We give some simple but important tips:

1) Let's start with the lips

The skin on the lips - especially gentle and vulnerable, and therefore her at the slightest cold may be flaking, cracks and even - horror of horrors!- Herpes.

first rule lip in such a situation - hydration and nutrition in emergency mode.So set aside the dry Makeup for colds resistant lipstick and chose the therapeutic lip balm.Avoid bright, rich colors, because you do not want to draw attention to his lips that look these days is not the best way.Come to the rescue of natural, pastel colors - pink, beige, peach.A great option - transparent moisturizing shine.

2) evens

you throw something in the heat and cold, on the face may tread the red spots or morbid pallor, whence come from acne and inflammation ... It's natural for the common cold, but it is incompatible with the beauty and attractiveness.So, we will fight!

begin with a good moisturizer that will facial skin invaluable help refresh and revitalize.In addition, the use of this cream - a guarantee that you will be able to protect the skin from drying and dehydration.

clear that a cold girl looks tired and exhausted, even if the night slept like a log.To hide dark circles under the eyes, apply concealer beauticians recommend a peach hue.It is applied under the powder.If you are too lazy to use it and just try to gloss over the "bruising" foundation, - the effect will reverse, circles under the eyes will be even more noticeable.So - especially concealer, and then tone and powder!

With regard inflamed red patches at the wings of the nose, for them too, care must be taken.For this perfect concealer with a greenish or yellowish tinge.

Thick base for make-up - not for these "SINUS" days.

This framework will make everyone around to pay attention to unevenness and roughness of an unhealthy person.For colds ladies the best option would be a light, almost transparent matting cream with moisturizing effect, which is best applied to the entire face.The lighter tone - will look more attractive face.

small caveat: discard the foundation, which has a shimmering effect!

3) putting in order the cheekbones and cheeks

Even the common cold is not able to prevent you to use your favorite blush!Just be careful: if you feel unwell often appear on the face red spots that are difficult to mask, and improper use can only hurt blush appearance.

main thing - moderation.Blend just a little bit of blush, and not on the cheeks, and "apple" that Makeup for colds appear with a smile.This will give a fresh, rested appearance, especially if you do not take the red, and bronze, beige or pinkish-brown shades.

4) Paint eyes

reddened eyelids?So, down with the catchy "night" eye makeup!With a cold dispense lightweight makeup - let sore and watery eyes a rest from cosmetics.And attention to the red eyelids will attract less.

Dry shade is better to replace creamy they gently fall and look natural.In addition, these shadows are able to retain the original appearance longer than dry, so it will not harm your beauty even watery eyes.

to mask redness, take golden brown (golden green) shade.Excellent choice - bronze, solar and beige shades, but no hint of pink and purple tones!

Without liner is also not enough.Then you come to the aid waterproof pencil, and you can use gel eyeliner that lasts a long time, and not smeared.

Try to abandon black eyeliner!It looks too heavy and sharp, and because we need to create a lightweight, does not attract undue attention makeup.Then take the brown or gray pencil.

lower lashes better not paint at all - who knows how they will behave when you sneeze?It is enough to apply one thin coat of waterproof mascara on top of cilia, it will make the eyes large and expressive.

5) Attention: cold sores on the lips!

Yes, it's not a sight for the faint hearted.Abominable type sores on the lips can ruin even the most beautiful Makeup for colds appearance.In addition, these sores deliver a lot of discomfort.

So it's best - resort to preventive measures to prevent this disgrace.If you feel that you start to get cold if the lips begins to be felt itching and burning - immediately smear them with ointment "Zovirax" or "Acyclovir".This procedure must be repeated once every 4 hours.

Next step: over the counter drug that can suppress the symptoms of herpes, and regularly taking it.

Getting make-up lips, do the following: take a piece of ice out of the freezer and wipe their lips.Gently pat them with a sterile cloth, and then treat the affected areas with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or salicylic Corvalol.

can now begin carefully painted lips.A very important point: the lipstick, which you have herpes, you must then be discarded.If you really feel sorry for - at least cut off the tip so as not to catch a nasty disease again.If you use a lip pencil - it will be enough to treat it with alcohol.

Sometimes the sores of the project outside the contour of the lips.In this case, you can disguise this plot creams.

If the herpes is completely cleared by your lips and became very noticeable when the bubbles burst and get wet - it is better not to touch them at all and wait until the condition improves.

Well, you tried to glory and looks great!No one would guess about your well-being unimportant, but still try to get better soon!

Author Olga Moses for the women's magazine "beauty"