3 main features of the office make up for the fall-winter 2013-2014

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19 March 2016
3 main features of the office make up for the fall-winter 2013-2014

dress code many companies involves severe restrictions not only in clothing, but also in hairstyles and makeup.However, the desire to look attractive characteristic of all women, even the most inveterate careerists.How to choose office makeover for autumn-winter 2013-2014, to emphasize their femininity and beauty, but it does not make a dissonance in the way of a business woman?We offer a selection of three main business of make-up images of autumn-winter 2013-2014:

makeup style nude

┬źnaked person" - a win-win option in many situations.As this style is the best fit for the business image.The main condition - if you want to look perfect, to ensure good care of your skin: it should be smooth and gentle, with no visible defects, smooth and radiant.Of course, achieving perfect results will help cosmetics: liquid foundation tone that matches the tone of your skin, a natural blush shade, soft crumbly powder.Quality highlighter will give the skin a glow effect.Add makeup black mascara, lipstick d

iscreet beige or light pink shades, and you are ready to go to the office or to a business meeting.

black arrows plus red lipstick

Classic image office lady - a neat arrows conducted smoothly and confidently, and perfectly superimposed red lipstick.Give the temptation to hold broad arrow or give them a graphic quality - quite a fine line, emphasizing the eyelids and slightly tapered at the end.As for lipstick, it should ideally match the shade of your tsvetotipu - otherwise you can get a touch of vulgarity.The optimal choice - matte red lipstick muted tones.By the way, if you think that image is too bright, you can restrict or red lipstick (not emphasizing the eyes) or arrows (using natural lipstick shade).

Smoky eyes

Do not rush to dismiss this option, citing his refusal courage smoky makeup.Of course, classic black or dark brown version can not be considered suitable for the office.But if you choose beige or light brown shade without shine, you'll look quite businesslike.By way of suitable lipstick pale natural colors that will not "drag" the attention on himself: eyes, underlined gentle mist must prevail!

Finally - 4 main secret of a successful business makeup:

1. Moderation.Try to find their own style, without using too bright and causes the paint.However, the "gray mouse" with an expressionless face, too, can not be.

2. Persistence.Do not change the style of every day or every week.You should look about the same, changing only some of the nuances.So you can create your business image, which would benefit both work and personal life.

3. Each morning spend on applying makeup a certain time.It is better to get up 20-30 minutes earlier than painted hastily, carelessly and inaccurately.

4. Always thoroughly wash at night, no matter how you tired.On a clean healthy skin cosmetics goes much better and smoother.

Author Olga Moses for the women's magazine "The beauty┬╗