Make-up for those who wear glasses

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20 March 2016
Make-up for those who wear glasses

Points for many women become an essential attribute of the style.Of course, to look good, a woman in the first place to find the right frame for your face, hair.
well-chosen shape and color frames underline your personality and make-up done simply irresistible.

Points need to adjust the size of the nose: if you wear them on the nose high, nose will seem larger;placed in the middle of the nose to visually reduce its length.

When applying make-up main rule - eye makeup should be in harmony with the color of frames and color tinted eyeglass.Further largely depends on visual defects.Try to maximize your natural beauty using different variants of applying makeup:

If you bright rim , there is no need to add more color shades.It is better to pay attention to the lashes - make the emphasis on them.If you usually prefer brown mascara, try black.To make eyelashes voluminous and fluffy, choose thick mascara and apply from root to tip.Shadow Apply gentle, pastel, avoid nacre.

If you metal frame , make-up should be carried out in a very delicate color shades

those who wear tortoiseshell or horn-rimmed should find the time to adjust the shape of eyebrows and color them, if necessary.It is important to eyebrows and eyes were determined your face rather than spectacles.
Selection makeup focuses on color, shape and material of the rim.In the selection of the frame should be remembered that thin and light frames "facilitate" face.Thick and dark - emphasize its individuality.The top line of the frame must coincide with the line of the eyebrows.Points need to adjust the size of the nose: if you wear them on the nose high, nose will seem larger;placed in the middle of the nose to visually reduce its length.Also note that the glasses may increase or decrease the value of the eye.Given this characteristic, the intensity of the make-up is changing.

Makeup for
myopic glasses for short-sighted visually reduce the eye, so their makeup should be increased.Eyes fail the grounds.Mascara gives your lashes an elongated shape and velvety.When painting the eyelashes can bend them with a brush.
Makeup Technique:
1) In the shadow of the upper eyelid overlap light colors.Under eyebrow - darker.Eyelashes are lengthened black or brown mascara.Starting from the place where the frame adjacent to the cheek, put rouge, gradually rising to the eyebrows.Emphasize the outer corner of eyes with black or brown pencil.
2) Move the eyes gray pencil, in the corner of the eye liner and extend the line slightly blend well.Top of the line until the eyeliner and folds over the age apply a light brown shade.Under the lower eyelid just spend a narrow line shadows.Under eyebrow apply a light shade.On the lower lid between lashes, apply a thin line of gray eyeliner, heavy podkras eyelashes and eyebrows let me down.

Makeup for farsighted
If you suffer from farsightedness, the glasses give eyes a convex shape.This feature should be taken into account when applying makeup.Eyes need to sum up weaker, more natural, so that it does not stand out through the lens magnification.It is best to use calm, pastel colors.
will look good smoky, gray, dark brown color.Bright or pearlescent shade in farsightedness inappropriate.They will be very evident.The same rule applies to those who prefer overly dark color of eyes and eyebrows, such as black, blue, brown.
farsighted glasses visually enlarge the eyes, giving the impression that the eyes are too close to the nose.Therefore, make-up should slightly increase the distance between them.
Makeup Technique:
upper corner of the eye is necessary to issue a very light shadows.From mid-century up to the upper outer corner apply a darker shade (brown, gold).Emphasize the outline with a pencil line inside the upper and lower eyelids.Make-up should be easy, since the layer of cosmetics will be clearly visible through the glasses.Eyelash tint better ink only partially closer to the outer eyelid.The line of eyeliner should be very thin or well-shaded.
In addition, it should be noted that the glasses quite strongly scatter the shades of eye makeup.
Because of this emphasis on the need to move the lips.Pay enough attention to make-up lips.They must be clearly defined with regard to lipstick, it is best to use not transparent colors, but rather dense in texture.
Be beautiful and charming! Be able to correctly find your own style!