Buckwheat diet or losing weight for the benefit of the body

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17 March 2016
Buckwheat diet or losing weight for the benefit of the body

«Queen of cereals" - so called in the old days buckwheat.To this day, most nutritionists and beauticians all over the world pay special attention to this cereal.Indeed, thanks to buckwheat diet can lose weight, normalize metabolism, cleanse the body of harmful savings and become the owner of the magnificent skin.

The benefits of buckwheat

Buckwheat pleases us rich composition.Thanks contained therein proteins, it is able to replace the meat products.Calories 100 g of buckwheat is 313 kcal.But better, eating healthy porridge, Buckwheat diet virtually impossible.Of course, if you do not supplement it with high-calorie sauces, mayonnaise and plenty of butter.Buckwheat includes a composition useful carbohydrates and a small amount of fat.It contains fiber, improving the digestive tract, as well as 19 micro-and macro (especially worth noting calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, iodine and zinc).Present therein and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B9, PP and E).

Buckwheat diet especially useful in d

iseases of the cardiovascular system.Due to high content of rutin buckwheat makes strong blood vessels, increases blood, is a good means of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, anemia, leukemia, heart disease, hypertension.Buckwheat is indispensable for metabolic disorders and diabetes - it supports glucose levels stable.Useful cereal strengthens the immune system and is an excellent means of preventing cancer.The one who constantly eats buckwheat, increases the resistance of the organism to many diseases.Buckwheat gives strength and endurance.Probably not in vain buckwheat porridge eaten epic hero.

general in Russia buckwheat is not only eating, it also treated!Buckwheat has been indispensable in the healing of jaundice.The patient rubbed the liquid buckwheat and left lying in the heat for 2-3 hours.When the pain in my throat buckwheat warmed up in a frying pan, poured in a stocking and tied around the neck.

It should be said about the benefits of buckwheat skin.Previously, to get rid of boils raw buckwheat chew and tied to chiryam and abscesses.Recent heal very quickly, almost without leaving a trace.Today, widely used in cosmetics based on extracts of buckwheat.You yourself can make a tincture.To do this, wash the buckwheat, fill it with warm water and leave for half an hour.Then drain the water into another container and wash yourself to her.This procedure is useful for tired, aging and oily skin.By the way, it is important for female beauty that buckwheat in large quantities contains flavonoids - substances that actively fight free radicals, significantly slowing the aging process.

the East know that buckwheat diet is the best creams and masks makes the hair shiny, nails and teeth strong, and your skin smooth and soft.

And perhaps the last, but very important fact in favor of buckwheat: buckwheat always natural, it is almost the only product that failed to GMO!

Buckwheat variation

Before you meet with the views buckwheat diet , should immediately be noted that a diet based on buckwheat - a diet adequate in severity.But it has a very good effect!Thanks to the quick throw from 3 to 10 kg of excess weight.The essence of the diet is that you can only have buckwheat.However, each type of diet suggests buckwheat in different quantities and different preparation.

Buckwheat diet 'week »

This buckwheat diet lasts a week.The feature of such a diet that does not need to cook buckwheat.The recipe is elementary - take a glass of buckwheat, pour boiling water over it at night, wrapped the pot with a towel or blanket to as long as possible to keep warm, and with a sense of accomplishment go to bed.That's all the cooking.If this amount of food for a whole day not enough for you, then do the morning another portion.After all, the amount of porridge eaten you have no limits.An important requirement of buckwheat diet - the use of the product without salt, sugar, butter and seasonings.Only buckwheat and only in its pure form, the latter method which should not be less than 3-4 hours before bedtime.Comply with the conditions?Then you can be sure that such a diet will soon help you to look at yourself in the mirror with pleasure!

-Kefir buckwheat diet

Feature kefir, buckwheat diet is that in addition to steamed buckwheat at night you can during the day to drink up to 1 liter of low-fat, 1% kefir.Kefir is combined with buckwheat, it promotes the excretion of toxins and the breakdown of fat.But note that the kefir, buckwheat diet last meal should be at least 6 hours before bedtime.

Medical buckwheat diet

Medical buckwheat diet also takes only one week, but in contrast to the week of buckwheat diet is not aimed at a sharp reduction in weight, and strengthen the nervous system and the purification of the body.Although the 2-3 kg of medical buckwheat diet you will lose easily.

As an example menu curative buckwheat diet:
breakfast: buckwheat porridge on the water without salt, sugar and spices, 150 grams.low-fat cottage cheese, 100 gr.yogurt, a few slices of cheese.
Lunch: salad of cabbage, cucumbers, green, 100 gr.Boiled chicken breast or lean beef.
Snack: 125 gr.yogurt and 1 fruit (except bananas).
Dinner: Buckwheat porridge with stewed vegetables without salt and spices.

Unloading buckwheat diet

this diet lasts only 1 day.You can arrange it once every 2-3 days.The meaning of diet is that during the day you can eat only buckwheat porridge, adding to it a little bit of honey or olive (sunflower) oil.Salt, Buckwheat diet sugar and spices can not add.You can drink fruit compote without sugar and pure mineral water without gas.If is very difficult, it is possible to eat a couple of dried apricots or prunes stuff.But just a couple of stuff, but not the packages!

It buckwheat diet Tibetan monks used during cleansing fasts and meditation.

How to get out of buckwheat diet

Now the main thing - how to maintain harmony after a week of effort?Like any strict diet, buckwheat requires careful and carefully exit, otherwise return dumped kgs - a piece of cake.To gently get out of the diet, do not immediately eat everything that is in your refrigerator.Remember that in order to save the result of the buckwheat diet, it is necessary for a few days to eat no more than 600 calories.Then increase the number of discretionary calories in half and filled so at least 10 days.

With regard to products, that is all you can, but gradually, so as not to pass the permissible caloric abroad.The only thing that you will not be for a while there - a buckwheat.

Important: buckwheat or buckwheat, kefir diet can sit no more than once per month and no more than 10 days in a row!

other problems you provided.Unfortunately, there have buckwheat diet and pitfall.It is connected with the body's biochemistry, and here's the thing: buckwheat diet severely restricts the presence of salt in foods and sugars, which are also necessary for proper metabolism.Therefore, if rigid buckwheat diet people complain of malaise, headaches and even apathy.If you decide to keep a strict diet and you feel fatigue, do not torment yourself - dilute the same diet dried fruit.Of course, in moderation.Or add a little buckwheat fresh vegetables.Or allow yourself to eat in the snack favorite fruit (except bananas and grapes).From that you will force yourself in the pursuit of rapid weight loss, the sense, of course, there is, but not for long.It is better to say goodbye to excess weight slowly, but happier!Then the body of toxins properly clean and stress-free for a long time (!) Say goodbye to excess weight and skin will shine cleanliness and freshness!
Grow thin with the mind and then the healthy beauty you provided!

Zhuravleva Natalia for the women's magazine "The beauty»