Errors in the make-up - which added age

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21 March 2016
Errors in the make-up - which added age

Premature aging - it's not for us!We long ago learned how to eat and dress, to care for the skin and to train the body, to choose hair color and hairstyle to look for at least 7-8 years younger.And if we add to this arsenal is also a positive attitude to life, kindness and a smile on his face - not exactly surrounding guess how old you really are.

But too early to relax.Too many women, successful and beautiful, sooner or later begin to admit when applying make-up blunders, which reduce to "no" all their efforts to look younger.To you does not suffer this fate, remember the most common mistakes and avoid them like the plague!

Error 1 - excess foundation

After 35-40 years you need to upgrade to a moisturizing foundation, and even better - to buy a moisturizer with a touch-tone effect.This tool is perfectly lays down to the skin, covering it with a thin layer.Do not let lying thick on the face "mask" of the cream!Everything has to be transparent, so that it was visible through the tone of the

skin.If you break this rule - even small wrinkles become more visible.The dry "mask" in a few hours will begin to crack in the break will be visible wrinkles, and all together it will look quite ugly, and not aesthetically pleasing.

Error 2 - too light tone

does not impose the tone, which is markedly lighter than the natural skin tone!Maybe in 20 years you could have an ideal smooth skin pale porcelain color, but time is relentless, and after 15-20 years the tone of your face has become much darker, because with age the face appear dark spots and pores, the capillaries begin to shine.These changes require a correct approach to the selection of the usual color tonal framework - now it needs to be slightly darker, not to make a sharp dissonance in your face.

Error 3 - too much concealer under the eyes

no dispute mask dark circles under the eyes is necessary.And the following is required to appear - someone more visible, someone almost indistinguishable.After all, with age, the skin in these areas becomes much thinner, and thus through her translucent capillaries, there is a mesh of wrinkles.Do not make mistakes - this area is masked with the utmost care!Inflicting under eye concealer, Shade with a soft brush to coat was not so rude.

Error 4 - excess powder on the face

This lack of make-up is the lack of any age.As for the 35-40-year-old ladies, makeup artists recommend them to completely abandon the powder!And do not worry about the light - if it really bothers you so much, you can lightly touch the powder puff with loose powder nose and chin.If powder cheek, an hour later the skin on them will seem parched and flaky. Do not be afraid of glare on his face - they, among other things, the young, because they distract attention from wrinkles!Mask glare only makes sense if you're going to be photographed.

Error 5 - applying blush under the cheekbones

If you're over 40, blush appropriate only for the most protruding point of the cheekbones, as far as possible from the middle of the face.If we impose them below - to identify areas of sagging skin that looks pretty disgusting.By the way, forget about that woman, "40" should use brown and brick blush.No way - on their face becomes heavy and moody!If you can not choose the color - take a soft pink blush to them you just do not lose.

Error 6 - rasteksheysya lipstick

In our age, this blemish is invalid!What is excusable for a young girl make lips adult lady unkempt, completely ruin the whole look.Not stingy and buy for yourself, your favorite, high-quality lip liner.With it, you can cut around the lips and hatch them in the same color, and then, having made up your favorite lipstick, you will be surprised how much better it holds.

Error 7 - too bright lipstick

Leave hot pink, lilac and magenta shades for a daughter or niece!You have no need to attract attention in a way - you have long found themselves and their style, and now too rich shade of lipstick just "cheapen" your way.To look expensive, elegant and of course, to avoid too dark and matte lipsticks. Choose for yourself something more bright and shining than used to, and you will be pleasantly surprised how your lips began to appear more plump and fresh.Very good choice for adult ladies - lip gloss or lipstick moisturizing quality.

error 8 - mascara on lower lashes

You do not need to paint the lower lashes mascara - this will make more visible circles under the eyes, and you will add a minimum of 5 years!So consider some makeup artists, while others voiced a different opinion - because the eyelashes fade with age and become weak and brittle, they are still better cover the ink (including the bottom), but very thin.At the same time to give preference to a light texture - heavy oily ink will fly around and showered, which will inevitably make you visually older.

Error 9 - eyeliner lower lid

Even if you're used to sum necessarily lower eyelid, try to do it accurately, a thin line.Even better - to abandon this technique at all, limiting the liner of the upper eyelid.And to visually lift the outer corner of the eye, try to make the line at this point wider.

Error 10 - shadows with glitter

choosing eyeshadow, pay attention to the noble matte shades.Of course, with a splash of brightness is acceptable, especially for evening makeup option, but not on the outer corner of the eye!It is the very wrinkles are concentrated - "crow's feet", to which you, instead of masking attract too much attention to these luster.If we really want to "poblestet" - is located the sheen on the inner corners and the middle of the century.
As you can see, nothing complicated here.If we stick to the rules described, stylists and makeup artists withdrawn, can be a long time to keep the others in error with respect to your own age!

Author Olga
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