BASIC RULES superimposition face masks

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14 March 2016
BASIC RULES superimposition face masks

Mask Victoria Gusakova reader wants to tell secrets of correct laying of cosmetic masks.Here's her advice:
"mask is applied only on a clean face. Before applying the mask, wipe the face tonic lotion, to create a moist, sliding surface, although it is best to wash decoction of herbs. Well, when brewed grass slide on the surface of the skin, immediately put a mask on the grass. It is best to mask absorbed by the skin after a massage, warm compresses, baths. Most masks dries the skin (other than moisturizers and most nutritious), so it is necessary to protect the delicate skin around the eyes and lips - protect it with a moisturizing cream or gel. Do not forget the neckwhich, as we know, the first issue age. But do not forget that the majority of masks is not recommended to apply to the area of ​​the thyroid gland. A little money can also be applied to the hands and elbows. Do not overdo the mask, especially those who, freezing,transformed into a solid layer. Homemade masks (except masks, wraps) keep on y

our face no more than 20 minutes, otherwise they stretch the skin and facial muscles will tire.
For maximum effect, take the mask in a state of complete rest, and best of all make sure that you were alone at home and you have nothing and no distractions.After the mask is good to drink tea with lemon or broth hips, relax, lie down for half an hour with his eyes closed. "