Fruit masks

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15 March 2016
Fruit masks

Fruit masks After the long winter you need to enrich the skin of fruit juice, so she was always young and fresh.Let us pamper yourself to your favorite nutritious fruit masks:

Cranberry mask.

in cranberry juice moistened and slightly squeezed a thin layer of cotton cloth made of several layers of cheesecloth or erase cloth and put on face for 15-20 minutes.Pre person should be washed with water or clear lotion.After removing the mask skin rubbed with a damp and then a dry swab.It is used 2-3 times a week.Course - 15 masks, then break for 2-2.5 months.Suitable for oily skin.

Very good mask from persimmon

.For the preparation we need a cleansing mask equally dried leaves and persimmon series.Fill them with boiling water, put on fire and bring to a boil.Remove the infusion from heat and cool slightly.Wash morning and night for a month.

Kalinovaya mask.

Fresh crushed leaves applied to the viburnum greased fat cream on the skin 10 to 15 minutes.The mask has a tonic effect.

Apple Mask.

Apple mask of grated apple provides an excellent moisturizing effect.
1. Rub half of an apple, add 1 tablespoon honey, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of ascorbic acid, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.The mixture was triturated well and applied to the skin for 30 minutes, and then rinsed with cool water.Suitable for dry skin.
2. Gruel crushed grated apple applied to the face and neck and wash off after 15-20 minutes with cool water.To juice did not spread, added to oatmeal.This mask removes excess fat from the skin, nourishes and softens it.Suitable for oily skin.

Mask of quince

Quince grate and mix with cream and egg yolk for dry skin and whites - for fat.Keep on the face for 15-20 minutes.Instead, you can use persimmon quince, radish, horseradish and rowan.Mask refreshes and tones and gently whitens the skin.


mask for oily skin: Take the egg white, beat it with 1 tsp. Lemon and apply on face for 15 minutes.Then rinse with cool water.This mask is perfectly cleanses, tones and tightens skin pores.

Berry Mask.

Take 1-2 cups fresh or frozen strawberries or currant juice, 1 dessert spoon of lanolin and crushed to powdered oatmeal.Lanolin is first dissolved in a water bath and then added to the flakes.Whisking until smooth mass of the mixture and continue whisking, gradually add the juice.It is used for dry and normal skin.

Plum mask.

1. The mashed yolk add a teaspoon of plum juice.Keep the mask for 20 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water and rinse the face of cold infusion of linden.Suitable for dry skin.
2. Well-ripened plum clean, crumple, add beaten egg white and applied to 20 minutes.Wash off with warm water.It is used as a nourishing mask for oily skin.

Grape mask.

Grape Juice moistened linen cloth or cheesecloth, folded in several layers, and put on face for 15-20 minutes.After removing the mask face is rinsed with warm water, dry with a soft towel and applied to a nourishing cream.On one mask enough 1-1.5 tablespoons juice.The course is 15-20 procedures.The mask makes the skin velvety, fresh, supple, prevents flabbiness, cleans and tones it.It is used for any type of skin.

Cottage cheese and honey and grape mask.

1 teaspoon of cottage cheese rubbed with the same amount of liquid honey and add 2 teaspoons of grape juice.The mixture thickly smeared face, after 10-15 minutes wash with cold water.The mask is useful for people with delicate, sensitive skin.

Tangerine mask.

Purify Mandarin and squeeze the juice out of it.Moistened cotton swab in it or wipe your face be soaked in the juice of a thin layer of cotton wool or cloth made of several layers of gauze and applied to the face and neck for 15-20 minutes.After removing the mask skin rubbed with a damp and then a dry cotton swab.Frequency of treatments 2-3 times a week.The course 15-20 masks.Suitable for any skin.

Grapefruit mask.

1. To add the mashed egg yolk 1 tablespoon of grapefruit juice, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, all beat up and add a spoonful of sour cream.For the density we can put a crumb of bread, pre-soaked in milk.The mixture is applied to the face for 15-20 minutes, then wash and smeared with cream.After 10 minutes, remove the excess cream with a paper towel.Suitable for dry skin.
2. Mix 2 tablespoons grapefruit juice with 1 tablespoon of rice flour and 1 tablespoon yogurt.This mask smooths wrinkles and prevents their appearance.