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21 March 2016
Courses bartenders.

balm, sherry, sangria Balm - this strong alcoholic drink, generously absorbed a lot of aromatic infusions of medicinal herbs, roots, fruits, various essential oils.These are the gifts of nature - natural supplements - give a kind of balm brown, incredibly wide range of flavors and a rich, harmonious aroma.Among the people carefully collected and recorded old recipes potions.Various "Trawniki" "medical manual", "cool vineyard" (special prescription collections) were quite common.Even in 1580 with the Polish language was translated book about herbs, tinctures, vodka, and so on distilling. D.

Riga Black Balsam
In the middle of the XVIII century Riga pharmacist Abraham Kunze based on the ancient recipe of vodka infusions of herbs belongingto the XVII century, it made the "miracle balm" which called Balm Kupce was proposed in 1789 as a cure for Russian Empress Catherine II.

appreciate the healing properties of balm, Catherine II granted the privilege Kunze for its production.And since 1789 in Russia annually sent 300 t

housand ceramic bottles of the drink.So there was a healing balm Riga (Kunze) strength of 16% vol.As part of its inputs: aromatic water - 75% alcohol tincture - 22.5% and 2.5% tincture of saffron.

an aromatic water composition of lavender flowers, leaves, peppermint, rosemary and sage, fennel fruit, cinnamon bark mixture was poured 87% alcohol (70 ml) and water (300 mL) and pressed for 24 hours, then distilled and200 ml were taken aromatic water.

Riga balm Goethe called the "elixir of youth" and sang it in a poem Faust.Such enthusiastic assessments drink very much.
From 1860 to 1935.Balsam Riga received 33 gold and silver medals at international exhibitions.During the Great Patriotic War, the recipe was lost and only restored in 1954.Riga balm is available in ceramic bottles, which successfully protect the contents from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Russian word "sherry" finally took shape only in the middle of the XIX century.It was preceded by the word "kseres" trace of Italian and denotes a fragrant, imported, overseas wine.

Jerez - Spanish wine is born in the hills of the province of Andalusia, in the city of Jerez de la Frontera.
In Spanish it is called wine jerez - pronounced "Jerez" (with the accent on the second e).In German - Xereswein.It is believed that the German and we got the Russian word "sherry" with the initial x.

flavor and aroma characteristics of sherry stem not so much from the grape variety and environmental conditions as on the technology of its manufacture, which has two main points.The first - the capacity to ferment wine is not filled to the top, and always leave a significant airspace.On the exposed surface of the new wine at the end of alcoholic fermentation film is formed so-called flor - a special mold.She does not blame oxidize and eventually gives him a unique aroma and taste.

In the 30s the production of sherry began to develop in Crimea, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, in the south of Russia.We can recall such ordinary varieties of sherry as "Don" (Russia), "Strong," "Dessert Ialoveni", "Moldova", "Amber" (Moldova), "Table" (Kazakhstan), "Crimea" and "Massandra" (Ukraine).The most typical of all the above - "Massandra".


Massandra Branded strong white wine - the best among wines such as sherry.It is made from grape varieties: Sersial, Albilo, Verdelho.
distinctive feature of the cooking wine is a delay for a year under a film of sherry yeast.During heresovaniya and subsequent heat treatment at fault accumulate special organic substances - aldehydes and acetals as a result wine gets specific taste, with a slight tone of bitter almonds and roasted nuts.The wine is a golden color, delicate bouquet, complex.The taste is harmonious, full.

Wines Sherry
Pedro Ximenez - PEDRO XIMENEZ
This sherry is also known as «PX» is a true rarity.Its aroma and flavor reminiscent of raisins, with some hint of roasted coffee and cocoa.PX is made from sun-dried grapes Pedro Hemenes.It is usually served with sweet pastries.

Easy sherry pale color.Often it can be taken for Fino.

dry sherry mahogany has a tempting taste of hazelnut.Fortress 17,5%

fragrant sherry, which matures in contact with air, so that becomes darker than Fino sherry.This beverage powder has a distinct taste of walnuts.Strength of 18%.Serving young OLOROSO recommended temperature 12-14oC, for more seasoned kinds of 14-16oC.

Amontillado - AMONTILLADO
This wine, unlike most of sherry is aged in barrels for 10 - 15 years instead of the usual 3. The typical bouquet has hints of almond.Fortress 17,5%

Fino - FINO
dry wine with a straw-yellow color.It has a specific aroma of almonds and walnuts, and the tree flora.Their fortress is from 15 to 15.5%.This wine is made to use as a first class aperitif.

Spaniards call this cocktail bomb or zurra, which translates as "thrashing".As long as you drink, do not feel any intoxication.Sangria - the most popular Spanish cocktail.Its main ingredients - wine, fruit, sun and ice.

is no consensus on why agriculture is the drink was called sangria (sangre in Spanish means "blood"), does not exist.

Spaniards are not advised to buy what is produced in the alcohol shops.
The structure of "industrial sangria" as it is called in Spain in disgust, includes preservatives and coloring agents, which kill natural ingredients.Because Spanish is strongly recommended to master cooking fruit punch yourself.Now there are many recipes, but to begin with it makes sense to try the classic Spanish, was born four years ago.
drink sangria, according to the Spaniards need to have fun and be happy.The ideal situation - a country picnic, heat and a lot of friends.

classic sangria
Dry red wine, preferably a Spanish table.
The carafe to pour 500 ml of bitter tonic to put three large sliced ​​orange and two lemons and sugar to taste.Stir mixture and refrigerate for several hours.Before serving in carafe add a lot of ice.

Sangria Recipe for 10 persons.Three orange cut into slices, two lemons - into four equal parts.Coarsely chop four peeled peach and apple.Fruity mixture was placed in a decanter, and then add 50 mg of sugar and a glass of orange juice.Then, squeeze the lemon, add 40 ml of orange liqueur glass of brandy Weinbrand and two cinnamon sticks.The mixture was insisting under cover for three to four hours in a cool place, then remove the cinnamon, pour four bottles of dry red wine and 125 ml of mineral water.

Tropical Sangria
Recipe for 4 persons.Half a kilo of peaches, a banana, an apple and 300 g of melon cut into pieces.Mix it all in a decanter, and then add a few grapes.Then pour the fruit liter of dry red wine, add the two piles of gin or vodka, 300 ml of lemon juice, 100 grams of sugar and a little grated cinnamon.Put cool for two hours, after which feeding to the table by adding a few ice cubes decanter.

This French herbal liqueur amber owes its name to the Benedictine monastery.
Flask for alcohol and fragrant liqueur prepared with angelica root pharmacy, lemon balm leaves, peppermint, fruit shell of nutmeg, clove bud flowers, fruits, cardamom, cinnamon.The composition of the blend also includes brandy liqueur, lime honey, sugar syrup.
Liquor has yellow-green, amber color, sweet, slightly burning, bitter taste and complex flavor.Term Exposure 4 years.Fortress drink - 43% vol.