Lunar calendar of hairstyles on March 2015

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07 May 2016
Lunar calendar of hairstyles on March 2015

General recommendations

Astrologers recommend this month to visit beauty salons in the first and second phases of the moon, as the hair will grow strongly.But the third and fourth lunar cycles, in contrast, are characterized by a marked slowdown in the growth of hair.The most successful period, when the Moon passes through the sign of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.Lunar calendar of hairstyles to March 2015 suggests cutting hair in the most favorable days: 2, 3, 8, 12, 13, 24 and 30 numbers.

And to improve the financial well-being of the most money haircuts - on March 4 and March 17, 2015.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles to March 2015 - Feature on days

March 1 - waxing Moon in Cancer.Mowing is characterized by slowing the growth of hair.In addition, there is a risk of incurring misfortune.

March 2 - waxing Moon in Leo.Favourable for haircuts day.Today it is possible to lure to his happiness and become more attractive.

March 3 - waxing Moon in Leo.Not the best for hair care day as a hairc

ut today may exacerbate chronic illnesses.

March 4 - waxing Moon in Virgo.The day has to visit the hairdresser.Today, haircut and hair coloring will help improve your financial situation.

March 5 - The full moon.Moon in the sign of Virgo.The negative influence of the moon is maintained, so cut hair today, it is not recommended so as not to worsen health.

March 6 - waning Moon is still in Virgo.Another unfavorable for salon treatments hair day because of possible health problems, unexpected illness, injury and congestion in business.

March 7 - waning Moon in Libra.Pruning now will not please you, so how are unruly hair.Also on this day is a high risk of losing money, real estate troubles and health problems.

March 8 - waning Moon in Libra.All haircuts that day will be successful, and the manipulation of the hair will give health and longevity.

March 9 - waning Moon in Scorpio.Not the best of the lunar calendar haircut to visit a beauty salon day.It is better to postpone the scheduled event to a different period.

March 10 - waning Moon in Scorpio.Another unfavorable for manipulating hair day.The result may disappoint you very much.

March 11 - waning Moon still in Scorpio.Today haircut will give joy and good fortune, and come across the correct solution to the problems.

March 12 - waning Moon in Sagittarius.We recommend today will certainly visit the beauty salon, even if you plan to hike.This day promises haircut luck, success and wealth.

March 13 - waning Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.Another favorable day for all kinds of manipulations with the hair.After shearing the hair will gain health, strength and shine, and improves skin color.

March 14 - waning moon in Capricorn.Astrologers do not recommend hair haircut today, otherwise you can get bogged down in a long illness, especially to watch out for worsening of chronic diseases.

March 15 - waning moon in Capricorn.It is not recommended today do their own hair, as a high probability of communicable diseases of the eye, inflammation and increased intraocular pressure.

March 16 - waning Moon in Aquarius.On the one hand a day to the salon treatment, as on your side will be the joy and luck.On the other hand haircut can exacerbate hair loss.

March 17 - waning Moon in the sign of Aquarius.Haircut today a beneficial effect on your charm and appeal, and will contribute to the financial success.

March 18 - waning Moon in Pisces.The beneficial effects of the moon is maintained.Mowing promises to increase the attractiveness and charm.

March 19 - waning Moon in Pisces.Not the best day for hair care.Haircut today threatens the loss of vitality and increased irritability.

March 20 - New Moon.Moon in Aries.Today is absolutely forbidden to engage in hair, as you can afford to cut off years of life.Contraindicated for any procedure, including haircuts, styling and painting.You run the risk of incurring the misfortune and illness.

March 21 - waxing Moon in Aries.Negative moon background is maintained.Mowing can cause conflicts.

March 22 - waxing Moon in Taurus.Today it is impossible not only to cut hair and nails, because the body is weakened in this period and is extremely sensitive.In addition, it is possible to incur unplanned expenses.

March 23 - waxing Moon in Taurus.The day is unfavorable for a visit to the hairdresser.Today may appear unreasonable fears, inner discomfort and weakened immunity.

March 24 - waxing Moon in Gemini.Day for salon hair treatments as increase internal confidence, increase revenues and improve mood.

March 25 - waxing Moon in Gemini.Pruning now will result in deterioration of the sense of smell and touch, as well as cold.

March 26 - waxing Moon in Cancer.Another bad day to visit the barber.Manipulating hair promise to exacerbate conflicts and diseases.

March 27 - waxing Moon in the sign of Cancer.Any experiments with the hair will give a positive and good mood, as well as a beneficial impact on health.

March 28 - waxing Moon still in Cancer.Avoid mowing, if you do not want to incur the trouble and illness.

March 29 - waxing Moon in Leo.Limit contact with hair today, otherwise they will slow their growth.

March 30 - waxing Moon in Leo.A visit to the beauty salon that day will bring good health and aggravation of intuition.

31 March - waxing Moon in Virgo.The day is not suitable for hair care, they begin to fall.

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