3 stylish beach accessories Summer 2013

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10 May 2016
3 stylish beach accessories Summer 2013

dresses, sundresses, and bathing suit is not enough to enjoy the hot summer of 2013 to the fullest!Real women "do" accessories - they are able to emphasize its individuality, to talk about the subtle taste and express a flight of fancy.


without a hat to you, of course, can not do: it is necessary to protect the head and hair from the scorching rays of the bright sun!It is believed that the hats are for women only snub, but modern designers offer a wide variety of styles of hats that you can and compete with the well-known truth.Try a cowboy hat, straw retro pattern or elegant wide-brimmed hat with a romantic flower.

panamku of natural cotton perfectly breathable and protect from heat and gentle light colors will give your image of femininity and lightness.

Among the most popular and stylish beach accessories this summer - with a long visor caps: they perfectly protect the eyes from irritating rays and prevent burnt face.The most fashionable hats - in military style, or taste the sea.

Variety cap for active young girls - baseball: it can be on the beach and defile, and swim in the pool and play volleyball.

No less in demand today, stylish colorful scarves of silk and colorful bandanas: they can take on at least a dozen holiday under different costumes and bathing suits, because they take up very little space.

Finally, pay attention to the turban: These hats are made of air, delicate fabrics of different colors.


spacious, roomy beach bag - an integral part of a hot summer vacation!Among the most recent models of the summer 2013 - made of waterproof silicone, woven, fabric and made of multi-colored straws.

Ideally, beach bag should look like this thing brand and blend in with the swimsuit.But it does not matter if you choose a simple bag bright color, solid enough and comfortable, with pockets and multi-compartment on a long handle.


main beach fashion jewelry items this season - bracelets and earrings.It is proposed to carry transparent plastic bracelets - This trend also includes a clear plastic shoes.Well, this is a bright, stylish, and most importantly, very comfortable - a plastic bracelet does not hurt you to swim and sunbathe, it will not go bad or pale of water and sun.

earrings recommended to select large, at the peak of urgency - earrings chandeliers sparkling metal, or ethno-style reminiscent of oriental ornate.These earrings better to smooth her hair, removing her hair back or up.Be careful: the long earrings are only suitable to owners rather slender neck!

Pick up accessories for your image, style and type of appearance, and the admiring glances not linger - you will bathe in them, as in the rays of a bright summer sun!

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