Melon diet - 3 easy options for weight loss

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18 March 2016
Melon diet - 3 easy options for weight loss

season melons and watermelons is open, which means it's time to "sit" on a diet melon.And tasty and healthy!Aromatic, juicy, sweet melon like many, but few know about its beneficial properties.Thanks to choose the right diet, in which "fiddle" plays a melon, you will be able not only to quickly lose weight, but also to clean the gastrointestinal tract.Furthermore, melon perfectly displays the body of excess fluid, and hence the process diets cleared the kidneys.

Melon is rich in substances such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, C and Group B. After eating ripe melon improves the function of the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, the body is updated.Eating a melon, you do not feel hungry, but rid your body of "bad" cholesterol and increase its own immune system.

The only category of people who are contraindicated melon diet - is suffering from diabetes.
offer 3 simple cleaning option melon diet.Choose the most suitable for you:

Option 1

Breakfast: 300-400 g melon (considered only the pulp, peeled!).

lunch, afternoon tea and dinner - every three hours, and you can eat as usual, carried away fatty calories.

Option 2

Breakfast and lunch - the usual dishes, watch only so as not to eat at a time of food calories more than 100 calories.

Dinner - not earlier than 3 hours after lunch - 400-500 g of ripe melon pulp.

Option 3

Breakfast - 300 grams of melon.

Lunch - 400 g pulp of a ripe melon, 200 g of cooked rice (preferably without salt), a cup of green tea.

Snack - a slice of black bread drizzled with oil, a cup of green tea.

Dinner - 200 grams of cooked lean meat or fish, 200 g of buckwheat or rice, light vegetable salad.

Option 1 and Option 2 is excellent diet will clean your body, but do not get carried away excessively diet - 7 days should be discontinued.The result will please you - you will lose 2-3 kg.The third option, more gentle, designed for 3 weeks, and guarantees the loss of at least 4 kilograms.

best option for those who can not withstand long-term restrictions on food, - to arrange a discharge melon day a week, feeding on that day only melon and complementing it with green tea or broth hips.

How to eat melon in the diet?

selects the most ripe and fragrant fruit.If you want to lose weight fast, eat the same amount of a melon at regular intervals, such as every three hours.Total for the day to eat a kilogram and a half of the fruit flesh.In the intervals between meals melon drink green tea without sugar, you can drink half a liter per day.

If you can stand this week - guaranteed to lose 4-5 kg.Longer melon diet can damage the health, so a week is enough.

Finally - a few tips: First, do not store the melon in the refrigerator, because while cooling lost its useful properties.Secondly, it does not wash down liquid is better to wait at least half an hour.

Author Olga Moses for the women's magazine "The beauty┬╗