Watermelon diet

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19 March 2016
Watermelon diet

coming season watermelons.Few people know that to lose weight with watermelon diet - really.With the proper observance of the rules, dumped a significant amount of kilograms.In addition, this diet - perhaps one of the most useful, easy and delicious watermelon because everyone loves!You can combine business with pleasure!

If you decide to use the generous gifts of watermelon, feel free to buy watermelons.However, remember a few important rules:

Rule №1 - Counting calories.

During this diet you do not have to deal with counting calories, carefully measuring out pieces, everything is much simpler.Stand on the scales and divide the resulting number of kilograms by 10. So if you weigh, for example, 50 kg, the daily need to eat 5 kilograms of watermelons.To the right?
«Chip" is the diuretic properties of the sweet berries.Together with the urine out of your body is derived not only excess fluid - it carries with toxins, toxins, all kinds of harmful deposits, as well as excess fat.

Rule №2 - Contra

Despite the usefulness of watermelon, there are contraindications.Watermelon diet can hurt the people who suffer from diabetes, and various kidney or urogenital system.The fact that the use of large amounts of watermelon is very heavy in the kidney, and to handle this load can only healthy kidney.

Rule №3 - Selecting watermelon diet

1. Over the 5 days to eat only watermelon (1 kg for every 10 kg of your body weight) and drink water in unlimited quantities.Nutritionists recommend to sit at the table every 3 hours - so you'll have the watermelon 5-6 times during the day.

2. This watermelon diet lasts a bit longer - 8-10 days.But it allows you to eat whenever you receive a pair of watermelon slices of black bread.Longer than 10 days, stick watermelon diet is not necessary.

Rule №4 - Out of watermelon diet

After such a long watermelon eating alone, of course, can not just be taken for a heavy meal.It is necessary to leave the diet gradually, during 10 days 'leaning' carbohydrates and proteins and avoiding fat.
For example, for breakfast, you can eat a bowl of oatmeal without sugar plus a small slice of cheese.Lunch may consist of 150-200 grams of cooked lean meat (preferably - chicken) or low-fat fish, which will add a small plate of vegetable salad without salt, oil and spices.When it comes time for dinner, we shall cut myself 500-600 g watermelon.

For variety, you can cook your own breakfast, lunch and dinner, porridge, vegetables (steamed or stewed), herbs, cheese, eggs, chicken, fish.

Do not miss the opportunity to - for fresh, sweet, tasty and healthy watermelon is not pleasing to us all year round!

Olga Moses for the women's magazine "The beauty»