Diet and juices

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20 March 2016
Diet and juices

juice fasting in of fruit and vegetable juices, especially pulp, are stored digestible sugars, mineral salts, organic acids, vitamins and pectins of the fresh vegetables and fruits.100 g of fruit juice contains about 12-18% carbohydrates, the energy value of 50-70 kcal.The smallest amount of carbohydrates (3%) contains tomato juice.Sucrose is most in a beet, orange, carrot, strawberry, tangerine, Cherry juice, less - in plum, pomegranate, apricot, currant.Fructose are rich grape, apple, pear, plum, cherry, currant juices.Glucose-rich grape, watermelon, apple, plum, carrot, strawberry, currant juices.
juices used in almost all diets, especially - in the mechanically sparing, which limited the use of fiber.Recommended juices and infectious diseases that occur at high temperatures.

overly acidic or sugary juices are sometimes poorly tolerated by the body, so it can be added to the water, a 5% sugar solution.

important to remember that you need to drink the juice in abundance, not only during periods of dieting.They

saved all the vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables.Try to at least partially replace your usual drink juices, coffee, tea, Pepsi, Fanta and others.Very soon you will feel more comfortable.

Secondly, I would advise all women who follow the health and appearance, once a week to replace all meals with natural juices.A month later, that is after four days of juice, you will feel a surge of health, vigor and lightness.

And finally, in the third.If you want to effectively clean your body get rid of toxins - safely "sit" on a week-juice diet.Temporary border - from five to ten days, but no more.Our bodies are reluctant to part with a stuffy slag formations, so long juicing need to spend wisely.

Drink is best freshly-squeezed juices at home.Some store juices have preservatives, not in others.Vitamin balance they usually seasoned correctly.It is a lovely drink for everyday use.

Each juice has a healing focus, and it is desirable to take into account. briefly list the properties of the most common health juices:
- grape juice successfully fights anemia, lung disease, loss of strength, cholelithiasis;
- apple juice contains elements that strengthen bone.Because it is considered the most useful for the kids;
- accept the orange juice with a deficiency of vitamin C, problems with vision, after the radiation exposure;
- potato juice - the enemy of headache, gastritis, heartburn, acidity;
- carrot juice supports the vision, cleanses the skin, mucous membrane of the respiratory and digestive tracts;oversupply of carrot juice is not recommended for women with impaired liver;
- cranberry juice use in gastritis with low acidity, liver disease, chronic bronchitis;
- cranberry juice is useful in mild forms of hypertension has a significant anchoring effect is used to increase appetite and as a diuretic;
- juice of fresh blueberries drank our ancestors to improve visual acuity;is no better way;
- red beet juice has a rejuvenating effect, he - the only one that inhibits the growth of malignant tumors.There needs comment: beet juice is very sour taste and drink it, frankly, unpleasant.So mix it with the juice of cabbage, apples or carrots.Give beet juice a few minutes to stand and eat the upper two-thirds;
- cabbage juice protivoallergichen.He is well neutralize the possible reaction diateznye orange and tangerine juice.By the way, if you're fasting to give the child one tablespoon of juice of cabbage - any form of diathesis disappear;
- Aronia juice is used in the initial stages of hypertension and diabetes;
- cranberry juice - antipyretic, copes with the problems of the bladder;cranberry juice should be pressing of scalded berries as raw fruits give too little liquid;
- lemon juice removes from the tissues of toxins, provides performance, perfectly cleanses the liver.

juice fasting
Besides complete starvation, when, in addition to water, the body does not receive anything, there is an incomplete fasting with a reduced-calorie daily diet (juice, tea, whey, milk etc.).

juice fasting program:
1. 2-3 days before the start of the juice fasting diet to only raw vegetables and fruits.
2. On the eve of fasting day to drink castor oil, and in the evening to do an enema.
3. On the next day (and every subsequent) must be such a program: before breakfast - a cup of hot tea from a variety of herbs (wild rose, peppermint, chamomile);
9.00-10.00 - a glass of freshly made fruit juice - from oranges, apples, grapes, pears, etc .;juice half diluted with water, but be careful not to drink the bottle heel, canned;
13.00 - 1 cup of freshly prepared juice from carrots, celery, tomatoes and other vegetables mud and a mixture of several vegetable juices;
16.00 - cup of herbal tea;
19.00 - cup of fresh, freshly prepared vegetable or fruit juice diluted in half with water:
21.00 - enema with chamomile flowers.
permitted when thirsty to drink water.The total amount of juice per day 0.75-1 liter.Juices can be mixed only with clean water.
juice fasting is transferred more easily.While his body is getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Diet and lemon juice
extremely useful to have a drink to set the mood polstakanchika fresh lemon juice diluted with water immediately after waking up, or about half an hour before breakfast.The juice is better to prepare yourself.Put the lemon in a cup and pour boiling water for 1-2 minutes.Cut in half and squeeze the juice - the heated lemon juice gives easily.Deficiency of vitamin C in the body must be immediately recharged.It makes a person immune to the agents of illness and he enlightens his mind.Excess vitamin C excreted.This vitamin is useful for varicose veins and hemorrhoids - it strengthens and smooths the wall of blood vessels.