Beautiful figure of feng shui

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20 March 2016
Beautiful figure of feng shui

diet feng shui Chinese share everything on the yin and yang.Yin - feminine, yang - male.Yin - cold, yang - fever.Yin - passivity and yang - activity.The states of the human body can also be classified into yin (dim view, lethargy, slowness of movement, pallor, depression, low blood pressure) and yang (live view, excitement, red skin, sweating, aggressiveness, high blood pressure).

Aesculapius of ancient China gave priority to the prevention of disease.It is based on an understanding of the body as a whole, which are created, circulated and interact with each other five kinds of energies.

Each person from birth is the main body that affects his health, and that is most vulnerable at certain times of the year.And it is not about any particular organ, but of the whole system, "tied" on it.For example, the spleen Chinese medicine considers itself organs, muscles, fat tissue and mouth.Spleen converts the nutrient mixture products exiting the stomach.And strictly ensures that every organ, every muscle received their re

quired dose of power.And if it is in excellent condition, the food is well absorbed by the body, the muscles are flexible, low fat, and facial skin radiates health.People whose spleen - the main element of the body prone to overeating and obesity.They have a weak stomach, flabby muscles, there are problems with the oral cavity and skin.And, as a rule, all diseases are aggravated in late summer.

How to lose weight on a horoscope?
People born under "earth" signs , you need to focus on foods that contain calcium and protein.Therefore astrological diet for representatives of the "land" (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) should consist of foods that contribute to the construction and strengthening of bones: milk, cheese, meat, vegetable protein (abundantly contained in brown rice and beans).

air element associated with the development of mental activity and balance the nervous system.In this connection, the star diet for those born under "air" signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and should include food that stimulates the activity of the brain and nervous system: seafood, any food rich in vitamin B12, has a beneficial effect on the nervoussystem (meat, soy products, Swiss cheese, pickles, and pickles), as well as green shoots, celery, oranges, almonds.

"Fire" signs responsible for the stimulation of metabolism and circulatory system.
Therefore, the diet on a horoscope for people whose elements - fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) should consist of foods containing vitamin E, as well as useful to use sprouted wheat, sunflower seeds, salmon, peanut butter, mushrooms, parsley,zucchini, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, avocado, spinach, turkey meat.People "fire" signs should be careful with the consumption of foods rich in cholesterol, as well as eggs, fats and ice cream - these foods clog arteries.

activities of digestive and excretory system is in "run by" the element of water.Thus, astrological diet for representatives "water" signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) is made of light, natural products that have a diuretic effect, and foods high in potassium, helps to eliminate water from the body and reduces allergic reactions to foods orsubstance floating in the air.Nutrition horoscope in this case include the following products: strawberries, asparagus, cantaloupe, bananas, almonds, potatoes, sesame, sunflower seeds, tuna-fish, radishes, celery, cucumbers, parsley, beans and porridge - is a diuretic.

astrological chart also gives information on the metabolic rate of people born under the sign of the horoscope or otherwise.It is obvious that astrological diet should also take into account the characteristics of the organism and consist of food products
corresponding horoscope.For example, the fire signs burned food very quickly, since the rate of metabolism in them is very high, and the proteins they need to feed their excess energy.
Fridge should stand in an inconspicuous corner or decorative decorated.It is useful to put in the northern part of the kitchen some black statuette, sinceBlack - the color of water.

tips Feng Shui:
• Divide the kitchen into two zones (you can use a screen).In one area - prepare food in the other - eat.
• Use ceramic ware.
• Kitchen table should be round, oval or octagonal, but not transparent.It improves digestion and harmony in the family.
• Eating should be in the following order: first, cold appetizers, hot dishes and then round off the meal dessert.Binge drinking and alcohol is allowed at all times during meals.
• The board must be present germinated seeds of oats, wheat, rye, as they have a lot of B vitamins Lack of vitamins in the body of this group causes the deposition of fat around the internal organs and water retention;
• Drink green tea (but contraindicated for people suffering from low blood pressure).
• Dishes beautifully decorate and during the meal to enjoy their beauty.

Recipes Feng Shui

green peas (fresh) - 100 grams, seaweed - 100 g water - 1 cup.
Cook over low heat for 5 minutes.Ready to eat 1 serving per day.Course - 2 weeks.

When thyroid dysfunction and circulatory system
1. Laminaria - 200 g water - 1 cup.Cook for 5 minutes.Take 2 times a day for freshly prepared portions.Course - 1 week.

2. Green beans - 60 grams, seaweed - 30g, rice - 30 grams, cinnamon - 6 g, raw sugar - 60 grams of water - 1 cup.Simmer for 7 minutes.Take 1 time a day.Course - 2 weeks.

to stimulate the stomach
1. Jacket potatoes - 250 g of honey - '10 Boil the potatoes, peel and mash.Mix with honey and taken in the morning on an empty stomach.Course - 2 weeks.

2. Cabbage - 500 g rice - 50 g, water - 1 cup.Boil the rice until cooked, add cabbage and stew for 5 minutes.Divide into 2 portions, taken in the morning and evening.Course - 2 weeks.