Diet for blood group

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22 March 2016
Diet for blood group

diet 1 blood type 0 - "Hunter"
This group of blood - the oldest.From her in the process of evolution took the rest of the group.33.5% of the population belongs to this type.A strong, self-sufficient leader.
strong digestive system, a strong immune system;systems are designed for efficient metabolism and preservation of nutrients.
It is difficult to adapt to a change in diet and environmental conditions
Sometimes the immune system is too active and effective against the organism itself (allergy)
risk groups
blood clotting problems (poor clotting), inflammation - arthritis, hyperaciditystomach - ulcer, allergies.
Dietary Guidelines
Diet High protein - meat eaters.
Good: meat (except pork), fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits (except sour), pineapples, bread - rye, in limited quantities.
limited: cereals, especially oats, wheat and wood products (including wheat bread).Beans and buckwheat - it is possible.
cabbage (except broccoli), wheat and all its products, c

orn and all its products, pickles, ketchup.
Good: green tea, herbal tea rosehip, ginger, mint, cayenne pepper, liquorice, lime;seltzer.
Neutral: beer, wine red and white, camomile tea, ginseng, sage, valerian, raspberry leaf.
Avoid coffee, spirits, aloe vera, St. John's wort, senna, echinacea, strawberry leaf.
weight control program.
Cabbage;legumes;maize;wheat;Citrus;ice cream;sugar;pickles;Assists potatoes
Seaweed (brown kelp);fish and seafood;iodized salt;meat, especially beef, lamb, liver;
greens, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, radishes
Vitamins and nutritional supplements
B vitamins, vitamin K, calcium, manganese, iodine.
Licorice root (liquorice), seaweed.Enzymes of pancreatic cancer.
avoid: Vitamin A, Vitamin E
order to maintain good physical shape, especially in a program of weight reduction - very intense exercise: aerobics, skiing, running, swimming.
Special Recommendations
1) The program of weight reduction
For type "0" is the main problem - hypometabolism.The following factors that increase the metabolic rate and thus reduce weight:
Remove from the diet of wheat and all its products, corn, beans, lentils - they block the production of insulin and thereby slow down the metabolism.
Remove from the diet all kinds of cabbage (except broccoli) and all products made from oats - they inhibit the production of thyroid hormones (thyroid hormone) and thereby slow down the metabolism.Increase the intake of foods containing iodine - seafood, seaweed, greens (lettuce, spinach, broccoli), iodized salt, as well as products that stimulate the production of thyroid hormones - radish, radish, daikon.Well prepare the juice from them in half with carrots.
Eating meat (red), the liver.These products also increase the metabolic rate.
intense exercise.
2) To solve the problem of blood clotting (if any) - products that contain vitamin K: greens, salads, seaweed, meat, liver, cod liver oil, eggs.Avoid yeast food;in violation of the balance of intestinal bacteria - to take acidophilic and bifidus.
3) Be careful when taking aspirin (it increases the acidity and dilutes the blood) and Gingko Biloba (the effect of increasing the circulation of blood is due to its dilution).

2 blood type A - "farmer"
This type originated in the transition from ancient life style (hunters) to more settled, agrarian lifestyle.37.8% of the population - representatives of this type.Characteristic features - permanence, sedentary life, a good adaptation to the teamwork, organization.
adapts well to change the diet and the environment.Immune and digestive systems are effective if you follow proper diet (vegetarian).
Gentle (sensitive) digestive tract;weak immune system, open to all infections;Hypersensitivity nervous system.
risk groups
Heart disease, cancer, anemia, liver disease and gall bladder, type I diabetes.
Dietary Guidelines
Diet - complete vegetarianism, vegetables, dairy products - restricted (low-fat cheese, milk products).Replacement - soy products: soy milk, tofu - bean curd, cereals, legumes, fruits (except for sharp - orange, mandarin, rhubarb, papaya, bananas, coconuts).Pineapples!Fish (exclude flounder, halibut, herring, eggs and seafood) .Sahar - in moderation.

Recommended Drinks: coffee, green tea, red wine.Juices - carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, cherry.Water with lemon juice.
Avoid: orange juice, black tea, all soda
meat (some chickens and turkeys);dairy;products of wheat;peppers (any);ice cream;sugar;oils - corn and peanut.
Vegetable oils - olive, flaxseed, canola (rapeseed);soybean products;vegetables;pineapples, vitamins and nutritional supplements, vitamins B, C, E, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, bifidobacteria, herbal teas and supplements thereof.
Limit: Vitamin A, it is better to get the B-carotene from food.
calm and focus - yoga, tai chi.
Due to the fact that the lining of the digestive tract is very delicate, avoid: all kinds of spicy food (all kinds of peppers, vinegar, ketchup (and even tomatoes), sour fruits and berries, mayonnaise and spices);fermented and salty foods (salted fish, herring, cucumbers, cabbage (both salted and fresh, except broccoli) and potatoes. Good to eat garlic and onions, carrots.
Dairy products - limited, the best dairy and low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese, cheese. Source of protein - soy products in any form. Eggs are also necessary, as a source of protein, vitamins and trace elements (Zn, Ca, B, B-carotene). There are no special recommendations for weight control program. Follow proper diet and physical activity. Limit sugar and chocolate

3 blood type B - "wanderer, a nomad"
Approximately 20.6% of the population. A balanced, flexible and creative. This type is the result of the migration of races.
strong immune system
Flexible adaptation to changes in diet and environmental conditions.
balanced nervous system
no congenital weaknesses, but imbalance in the diet can occur autoimmune diseases and instability to rare viruses.
risk groups
Diabetes type 1;
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis
Dietary recommendations Diet
mixed (balanced)."Nomads" are omnivorous;meat (except for chicken, duck), fish;dairy products (preferably dairy, low-fat);eggs - very good;groats (except buckwheat and wheat);; vegetables (except corn, tomatoes, pumpkin, olives);fruits (except coconut and rhubarb).
seafood (clams, crabs, shrimp), pork and products from it, chicken.
Recommended drink: green tea, herbal teas (licorice, ginseng, gingko biloba, sage, raspberry leaf), cranberry juice, cabbage, grape, pineapple.
Neutral: orange juice, beer, wine, coffee, black tea.
Avoid: tomato juice, soda
weight control program
corn, lentils, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, tomatoes, pork and products from it.
green salads, herbs;Eggs, liver, veal, liquorice (licorice root), Soybean - neutral.
Vitamins and supplements: magnesium, lecithin, licorice, gingko biloba, echinacea
Digestive enzymes - bromelain
combines physical and mental balance: walking, biking, tennis, swimming, yoga, tai chi.
Special recommendations for type B
to type in the greatest factors in weight gain are corn, buckwheat, peanuts and sesame grains.All these products inhibit the production of insulin (type B) and thus reduce the efficiency of metabolic processes.The result - fatigue, water retention, weight gain and hypoglycemia.Type B as well as Type 0, it responds to glyutein wheat - reduced metabolism.When food is not efficiently digested and burned as fuel for the body, it is stored as fat.Glyutein type B is not as dangerous as type 0. But if you combine wheat and products made of it with corn, lentils, buckwheat and peanuts - the result will be dramatic.If you want to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight - remove from the diet of the above products, limit your intake of fat and sugar, do physical exercises.Experience has shown that people with blood type B, following these recommendations, live long and healthy lives

4 blood type AB - "Mystery"
7-8% of the world population.This blood type is the result of evolution at the confluence of two opposite types - A and B.
youngest blood.
Flexible, very sensitive immune system.
Combines pluses of types A and B. Weaknesses

Sensitive (gentle) digestive tract)
too "open" the immune system, unstable to microbial infections.
Combines minuses of types A and B.
risk groups
Heart disease;
Dietary Guidelines
moderately mixed diet.
meat - lamb, rabbit, turkey.
Fish, except seafood.
Dairy products (lactic acid, low-fat cheeses)
Tofu - bean curd
Legumes - moderately
olive oil, cod liver oil.
nuts - peanuts, walnuts.
groats (except buckwheat and corn)
vegetables (except pepper, black olives, corn)
Fruits (except sharp and sour)
Recommended drinks: coffee, green tea, tea of ​​chamomile, ginseng, ginger, rose hips, echinacea, hawthorn.
Neutral: beer, wine, tea, mint, Don Quay, valerian, raspberry.
Avoid: aloe, senna, linden and teas from them.
weight control program
Avoid: Red meat, ham and bacon, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, peppers, wheat and corn.
Tofu, fish, dairy products, greens, seaweed, pineapple, vitamins and nutritional supplements, Vitamin C, Hawthorn (Hawthorn), Echinacea, Valerian Thistle (thistle), Milk thistle, zinc, selenium, Digestive enzymes - bromelain,Quercetin
Special recommendations for type AB
When you start the process of weight gain, type AB is under the influence of a mixture of genes A and B types.Sometimes it creates special problems.For example: you have reduced gastric acidity (a feature of type A), simultaneously with inherent to type B adaptation to meat.Therefore, although you partially programmed to meat consumption (type B - omnivorous), you do not have sufficient acidity for effective digestion of this meat that leads to excessive fat storage.To reduce weight, you reduce the consumption of meat, increase the intake of vegetables and tofu (fine source of fiber for types A and B).The same problem with bean, buckwheat, corn and sesame seeds.For Type A is a lovely meal, but participation of genes of type B leads to the fact that these products reduce the production of insulin, which leads to a slower metabolism.Type AB should avoid buckwheat, beans and corn.In type AB is not such a strong reaction to glyutein wheat, like the types 0 and B. However, weight loss should avoid wheat and its products.