Diet for a beautiful belly

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23 March 2016
Diet for a beautiful belly

diet If you need a tight schedule and a fine figure in a short time, try a diet for belly
first decade
Aimed at purgation, normalization of its work and seasonal fortification of the body.
At the same time go on a diet low nutritional value.Completely excluded: Smoked and salted meats and sausages, bread (except grain breads), sweets (except for a small amount of dried fruit), potatoes (you can eat baked potatoes no more than two times over the 10 days), all kinds of desserts (cocktails, cakes, pies, cakes, candy, ice cream, sweets, cookies, etc.), alcohol (except a natural red wine in small quantities).The value of your diet - 2000 kcal per day
Breakfast. always the same: two very ripe banana (black dots) and a glass of sour milk or yogurt biokefir (unfilled).
Lunch .Light vegetable soup (watch out for fat), 100 grams of meat, chicken or fish, steamed,
side dish of stewed vegetables, always salad of raw vegetables.All food with a minimum of salt and fat.
Snack .Grain bread, unsweetened drink any

single fruit (100 g) and dried fruit (20 g).
Dinner (no later than four hours before bedtime).Any porridge, cooked without salt, sugar and fat.To her natural tablespoon jam or a slice of cheese (a little).
At night .If you can not sleep on an empty stomach - eat fruit, carrot or drink half a cup of yogurt, milk with a drop of honey.

second decade
strict diet, designed to ensure that "push" the weight off the ground.
In the first decade of your weight loss was "imaginary" left dirt intestine and excess water.To achieve fat loss, will have to pull yourself together!
you eat mostly fruits, boiled vegetables, nuts, low-fat dairy products, dried fruit.
value of your diet - 1,200 calories a day.
Breakfast .Alternating every other day: three kinds of salad vegetables, seasoned with yogurt, or a light omelette of two eggs fried with vegetables without fat.
Lunch .Vegetable soup, raw vegetable salad, corn bread, 50 grams of cheese, boiled fish or chicken breast.Snack.50 grams of nuts, a fruit or a carrot.
Dinner .Stewed vegetables on the water in any amount without fat.You can have a little bit of salt or soy sauce.Twice bake yourself a pair of potatoes.
At night .If you can not sleep on an empty stomach - eat fruit, carrot or drink half a cup of yogurt, milk with a drop of honey.

third decade
restored.We pay special attention to fluid and electrolyte balance and minerals that are lost during a diet.Caloric intake increased slightly, but slightly reduced the amount of food to reduce stomach volume.This prevents us from overeating on March 8, when work trigger "can be."
exclude all the same as in the first decade.
value of your diet - 1,500 calories per day.
Breakfast .Two chernosliviny three dried apricots, raisins ten in the evening soak in a little water with half a teaspoon of honey.In the morning to add two walnuts and brewed cup of boiling water over cereal (oat rye - which suits your taste).The ten days of such steamed Eat breakfast gruel.
Lunch .No soup.A large portion of raw salad, 200 g of boiled fish, chicken breast, or lean beef, corn bread.
Snack .Alternating every other day: a very ripe banana and a cup of yogurt or a sandwich with a slice of meat (without oil) and garlic, or two grain bread with jam.
Dinner .Rotate through the day: the first and second decade.The porridge, add some dried fruit and the vegetables - a thin slice of cheese.
At night .Two raw fruit, different is better, but not bananas.