Spring makeup, character types of feminine beauty

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22 March 2016
Spring makeup, character types of feminine beauty

Spring Makeup Spring makeup is different from the makeup of the winter, and not so much the color (although this is important - the color should be bright, saturated), but the texture (it is light and delicate shades).

Tone cream should be less dense, in addition to protect from UV rays.Instead of compact powder is better to use loose - it reinforces good liquid foundation.Instead of liquid shadows also be preferred crumbly, so they will not melt in her eyes.In the spring of popular turquoise, apricot, color, fresh herbs, tea rose, ultramarine, violet-blue with iridescent effect.Contour century emphasizes not a pencil and liquid eyeliner waterproof, preferring mostly colored and shiny, not matte.

Mascara should also choose the color, and most importantly - water resistant (because it is not afraid of water) and water repellent (because it can withstand even heavy rain) that at the crucial moment she does not let down by giving your look sloppyview.

spring lips preferably gentle gloss paint with fruity fla

vor and rich color lipstick to leave for the evening.

Spring type

Skin: ivory, natural color, delicate and subtle, reddish or peach tones.The skin is bright and clear, light yellow-gold.Characterized as a light color (often peach).Freckles golden hue.Sunburn more reddish.

Hair: linen-svenly, straw-light, light beige, light brown, golden brown, reddish, golden ash with a reddish tint, honey color, yellow strands.

Eyes: blue, turquoise, green to golden brown, amber.Rarely dark or intense green.

Colors are bright and clear here.Blurred tone lose - they spring type looks bland.This can be said about all too strong colors and dark nuances - they kill the delicate complexion.Spring type can wear these colors: caddis green, apple-green, yellow-green, peach, apricot, salmon color and warm coral red, white wool, camel, red, chocolate milk, golden beige, aqua, cream, lightblue, pale purple, silver-blue, cornflower, poppies, orange, purple, pink, sunny yellow.Not recommended: bright white, black, gray and blue.

Summer type

skin: white, milk, rozovataya.Rumyanaya well fed with blood, has a bluish light.Quickly zogaraet.Olive color.Freckles gray-brown.

hair from blond to dark-gray, platinum (without prozhelti), ash-brown, reddish tint evropeytsa.Ottenki always without the presence of yellow.

Eyes: gray-blue, light blue, gray and kerosene, gray-green, walnut-brown, green.The contour of the iris - a dark brown, gray-brown, whites of the eyes are blurred (like a film), milky, often contrasted with the iris.

colors of clothes for summer-type can be defined as, pastel, through the haze.Shades of soft, blurry, cool, tone, hollyhocks, orchids and serenevye.Aristocratic gray, pink, shedding blue, raspberry red, ripe cherries, dark red, smoky-blue, light and dark blue beryuza, lilac, lemon-yellow, brownish-pink, smoky, dark blue, pink and serenevy.Not recommended: yellow paint, salmon, apricot, yellow-green.Jewellery: summer type of good vintage jewelry, because they are not so shiny and purchased from time to time a noble dimness.Most suitable cool, but subtle colors.

Autumn type

Skin: warm skin tone: transparent pale (with red freckles), a shade of champagne, thick gold Becks, tan or peach, red and brown.Highlighting the skin yellow-gold.

Hair: ginger, carrot-red, copper, brown, dark brown, light brown with a reddish blond tint.Always warm shades.

Eyes: expressive, bright, transparent or glowing bottomless.From radiant light blue, steel gray, kerosene, amber to green cane, rich olive.Golden-brown, dark brown, green beryuza.Characteristic of gold flecks, the edge of the iris - brown.

Wears paint warm, gentle, earth, clear, saturated or purple.Brown - from light champagne, golden beige to warm rust and dark chocolate.Warm red, sun-pea, olive, khaki, dark conifers.Red copper, plum, purple, orange, priglushёnnyё pink, poppy, red tomato, mustard, corn.Not recommended: pure white, blue and black, blue.

Winter type

Skin: milk, olive-brown, red - bluish tint transparent, cold porcelain.Freckles on their skin - with a gray tint.

Hair: -chёrnye blue, black and brown, dark brown, dark ash, platinum blonde.There is always a cold gray color.

Eyes: bright whites of the eyes, often strong color irises, intense, distinctly gray, transparent, green, dark brown, black.

colors of clothing for winter type, you can define clearly and unambiguously, that is cold, with the presence of a blue color tone.For example: snow-white, bright black, ruby, pink bitterly cold purple, dark purple, iridescent blue, translucent emerald, amethyst, all gray, electric blue, burgundy, pink, blue and purple.Not recommended: yellow, milky-brown, brown, peach, faded warm colors.