Masks for skin around the eyes

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17 March 2016
Masks for skin around the eyes

In order to preserve the health and beauty of our skin needs regular nutrition and hydration - whether the facial skin, body, hands or feet.And the thinner and drier the skin, the more serious the care it requires.That's why for the area around the eyes, thin skin which is devoid of fat, you should look carefully.

most effective means in this context are cosmetic masks for the skin around the eyes, which can be used as a standalone procedure or in combination with a hot compress, or steam bath.Depending on the composition of the mask may be have different effects: nourishing, soothing, moisturizing, astringent, bleaching, disinfecting, peeling.But despite a different composition, all the masks for the skin around the eyes contain only natural ingredients: wheat, oats, rice or potato flour, raw egg yolk (at least - protein), whey, juices and teas of herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Leather mask around the eyes the mask for the skin around the eyes is chosen based on the results you want.So, if you need to remove dark circles

under the eyes, use a mask with whitening effect, containing whey or fresh cucumber juice and parsley.When you want to get rid of "bags" and swelling of the eyelids, the most effective masks, which include rice or oat flour and camomile tea.If you peel your eyelids and eyelashes fall out, will help you cold gel mask that moisturizes the skin and stimulates collagen production.In inflamed, reddened skin will work great mask for the skin around the eyes with chamomile extract and celandine.

few recommendations on the use of face masks skin around the eyes
1. Since the skin in this area the most subtle, delicate and sensitive, the mask should be applied through a gauze.
2. For maximum effect, the mask must be kept for at least 15-20 minutes.Then the mask is washed off with warm water or broth plants such as parsley, chamomile, lime color.
3. Once the mask is washed away, the skin should be carefully wet cloth, leaving it slightly damp, not towel dry.
4. Apply the mask for the skin around the eyes 2-3 times a week for a month, then you can make a month break.You should know that regular use of one and the Well mask can reduce its effectiveness, so it is advisable from time to time to change its composition.
5. The mask should always be fresh for that they are prepared immediately before the procedure.

masks for the skin around the eye as a means of combating edema
Swelling and their unpleasant consequences - "bags" under the eyes - not only add visual age woman once, but can be an external manifestation of any hidden pathologies associated with diseaseskidney, heart or endocrine disorders.The true cause of the edema should identify the doctor, but the treatment of the disease takes a long time, during which the constant swelling can significantly stretch the skin under the eyes, making it flabby and saggy.Do not let this happen to you to help cosmetic masks for the skin around the eyes with the decongestant effect of the lotion or decoction of arnica, birch buds, parsley, dill, chamomile, plantain, sage.Quickly and effectively removes puffiness mask from raw potatoes, grated on a fine grater, and a cold compress of circles of fresh cucumber.
As you can see, the mask for the skin around the eyes are quite diverse, besides their ingredients can be used in various combinations for optimal effect in each case.

Svetlana Zharkov for the women's magazine "beauty"