Rybnik pie with mushrooms

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06 April 2016
Rybnik pie with mushrooms

mushrooms boil, drain the broth, mushrooms, cut into strips and lightly fry.Onions and carrots cut into small pieces, fry and combine with mushrooms.In the chilled mass add two chopped eggs.

Hake fillet twice mince, connect with a soaked bun mushroom broth, chopped egg, salt and pepper, mix well.Greased baking tray with butter or margarine, put on his half of the fish mass at her to put mushroom filling, the filling to cover the second layer of fish weight.Cake bake in the oven.

Dried mushrooms 50-60 g
Hake fillet 2 kg
Onions 2-3 head
Carrot 1 pc.
Muffin 200 -300 g
Margarine 100g
Boiled eggs 3 pcs.
Salt, pepper