Eye shadow

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22 March 2016
Eye shadow

Make-up - is one way to emphasize the beautiful features and hide flaws.In addition, the use of different techniques allows women applying makeup look every day anew.What else but the shadows, able to underline, change the shape and color of the eyes, give them the right mood, brightness, flexibility, luminosity, to attract the attention.The shadows are not only the eye, but also able to change, stress and improve facial structure as a whole!It shadows make the eyes (and therefore person) so different!

Currently, the selection of a variety of eye shadow is very wide: dry or liquid eye shadow, shadows in the form of a gel or cream, pencils.Their composition is similar to the composition of the powder.The only difference is color - shade painted oxides using talc as a link.The main ingredient in dry shadows talc, kaolin, mica, zinc oxide, mineral oils, waxes, binders, preservatives, lanolin, color pigments (colorants).The fatty shadows, except the colorant and wax are added ceserines into liqui

d - alcohol, glycerol, water.Shadows in a stick made with the same formula as the lipstick, but with a high content of curatives with a high melting point.Qualitative

shadows are composed of non-metallic and synthetic pigments which are enveloped by a thin film of grease and not directly in contact with the skin.Qualitative shadows should fall on exactly the eyelid skin, do not cause irritation, do not lose the original color, long stay, do not accumulate in the crease.

Eyeshadow should be uniformly applied, starting with a light shade, gradually increasing its intensity.Shadows shaded only upwards, otherwise the view will look heavy.If you can not decide what color shade you do go, choose the color of their eyes.Many women are in a contrasting color and shadows, creating an unusual combination to eye color.

Shadows applied as follows:
in the inner corner of the eye and on the eyelid moving - shade lighter shade, and where the eyelid "hung", the darker color.For example, blue eyes best stress warm brown or copper shade, this eye color is more intense.

Dry shade is good overlap (especially in the powdered skin) and are easily removed.They are quite resistant and longest stored, since they do not have the moisture - a breeding ground for germs.Compressed

shadows are usually sold in plastic boxes in one or more colors, the colors may be placed in separate compartments and are compressed into a single tablet.Fatty shade cast a little harder and keep them for long.

Liquid shade most persistent.But when applied, they dry quickly, so it must be done quickly enough, not to get an uneven pattern.In addition, they often accumulate in the folds of eyes, especially when an excess of ink.Liquid eye shadows contain a group of vegetable waxes, which provide incredible durability shadows.For a bright accent to the eyes, draw a clear line under the century, and to give the look of mystery, a little shade shades.

Choose a shade:
Brunettes suitable combination of soft blue shadows, color pigeon wing, ivory, young greens.Red-haired - pistachio shade lilacky shades.Dark skin is well set off the purple shadows, pink, apricot, which should be applied gently, carefully shading.Business women appropriate light-beige tones of makeup.In the business makeup unacceptable bright eyeshadow, enough trim eyebrows and thick eyelashes.In the evening golden lipstick for eyelids perfectly with golden mascara.Eyebrow pencil lighter tone than the natural color of the eyebrows, even decorate the face.Grey tones are suitable for all women, especially for evening makeup.

eye makeup can correct some of the shortcomings.With bulging eyes using dark shadows.On the lower eyelid contour line is applied a dark pencil or shadow with a brush.The upper eyelid covered with shadows, based on a neutral shade, and then brush applied to a bit of dark shadows.To visually narrow the wide-set eyes, use two kinds of shadows - dark and light.Inner corners of eyes kras dark shadows, and from mid-century - light.The opposite should be done with the make-up of closely spaced eyes: the inner corners of the eyes covered with light shadows and contours of the outer corners - dark.

Light can dramatically change the color of makeup.In the yellow light of almost all the colors become paler and more boring.Red light makes the paint more intense.In daylight they look differently than artificial.Day make-up to do as far as possible in daylight.Many bathrooms distorts the light of paint.The ideal would be fluorescent light aimed directly at your face and do not cast a shadow on it.

classic eye makeup:
1. On the upper eyelid and depression over it, starting from the nose, apply a light shade.They should not rise above the fold.Then hold a thin line along the outer corner of the eye and under the lower lashes.By mid-century, it should gradually fade.Lightly rub the line.Latest slightly glistening like wet leather, flesh-colored shadows, they are very refreshing.Pink shade to the face of any woman.One bar light pink shadow to the inner corner of the eye and one - under the brow line will turn into a radiant look.

2. upper eyelid crease to emphasize the shadows darker, distribute them slightly above and slightly below, rub with your fingertip.

3. The space, located directly under the brow, cover the light cosmetic pencil.It should strictly follow the curve of the eyebrow.Thoroughly rub a pencil tip of your finger.

4. eyeliner to draw the line as close to the lashes on the lower eyelid first, then - along the top.Rub both lines.To make the eyes more expressive, it is necessary to pull the lower eyelid and the little finger of his inner circle edge.