Orange facials

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19 March 2016
Orange facials

Mask of oranges Perfectly refreshing face the following mask (for all types): The pulp of the fruit to grind and mix with white clay, put on the face and decollete for 15 minutes.Mask wipe yogurt, gentle movements, then wash with warm water.To rejuvenate the skin of orange juice do facials:

mask combination.Orange juice mix with 2 ch. L.honey.Apply on face for 10 minutes., Rinse with cold water.

For all skin types.The mask of orange with oat flour.Half a cup of boiled water mixed with 1 tbsp.l.freshly squeezed orange juice.The resulting solution was added to give oat flour dough.Apply on face for 10 minutes.

For all skin types.For dry and normal skin nourishing mask is recommended from the orange: orange crush, add a little yogurt or sour cream.

mask for all skin types: the juice of half an orange, mix with 1 tbsp.l.fine oat flakes and 1 tbsp.l.milk.