Cleansing masks badyagi

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20 March 2016
Cleansing masks badyagi

mask badyagi Badyaga is collected during the summer and dried colonies of sponges coelenterates animals - badyagi - Spongilla lacustris L., S. fragilis Leidy, Ephydatia fluviatilis (L.), family Badyagovye - Spongillidaceae.The powder is greenish-gray in color with a specific smell.

Freshwater sponge bodyaga - old means for the resolution of stagnant spots, infiltrates (local seals and increased tissue due to inflammation or other causes after surgery and other types of surgery) and hematomas.It has a pronounced anti-seborrhoeic (otshelushevayuschimi) properties.Drug and Cosmetic act badyagi well studied.

Traditionally used as a ground powder, sponges, needles containing silica, are embedded into the upper layer of the epidermis, causing local irritation of the skin, subcutaneous capillaries and expansion of a deep-lying blood vessels.It helps to activate the surface of blood supply, weakening of local pain and provides excellent resolving effect in the affected areas.When using badyagi is a local release

of biologically active substances: autakoidov, kinins, histamine, prostaglandins, which promote healing of damaged tissues, resorption scars and seals, as well as restores the local immunity and protective functions of the skin.

badyagi usually applying to the skin accompanied by the heating effect of a weak and temporary local reddening of the skin.Cosmetic effect of the byadyagi too great.Ability badyagi peel damaged and old skin is used in cosmetics for the treatment of aging skin, resurfacing and wrinkle removal, acne scars, age spots.Badyaga cope not only with spots, but also has a general anti-aging effect, becauseIt stops the aging process of the skin when exposed to UV rays.

procedures with badyagoy breathing activates the skin and increase the penetration of these supplemental oxygen, either through open subcutaneous capillaries, and purified through a procedure as a result of the pores.Usually, fading skin becomes elastic, smooth fine wrinkles.In addition, crushed flint needles getting into the upper layer of the epidermis, deeply cleanse pores reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.Very good tool!Just a few of badyagi masks help to get rid of all traces.Furthermore, badyaga pores.

Mask badyagi exfoliating facial (reduces redness after acne, whiten dark spots) peroxide diluted 1: 1 (powder badyagi, peerkis) is uniformly applied to the entire face (pre-cleaned and protonizirovannoe) remains at 510 minutes before drying, cotton swab is rubbed into the skin to redness (2-3 minutes.

Contraindications: hypertrichosis, fresh inflammatory elements, sensitive skin. And bearing in mind that the dust badyagi causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose.Therefore, it should not be applied around the eyes badyagu.

Mask badyagi hair

Prepare it as follows: to 1 tablespoon of powder badyagi slowly add, while stirring constantly, 5% solution of boric acid, bringing the mixture to a creamy state.And all this is for external use only! For oily scalp mixture is heated in a water bath or a low heat and hot rubbed on hair partings in the hairy part of the fingers protected by rubber gloves.Tolerate needed before the intense burning sensation;30 minutes wash the head.All this must be done 1 time in 4-5 days.A full course of treatment - 6-8 procedures - can dramatically reduce the excretion of fat, get rid of dandruff and itching, strengthens hair.Mask of badyagi well relieve fatigue, skin like ozhivaet and age spots begin to fade.

In no case do not forget that treatment badyagoy requires increased caution.