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23 March 2016

To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say how many people, so many diets.Traditional and exotic, "star" and the classic, diet by blood group and separate meals - on that just do not go to a woman, set a goal to get rid of the hated kilograms!

Doctor of the first category, PhD, an immunologist, a nutritionist Galina Alexeenko for many years now of the opinion that the most universal, the most effective and useful diet is the consumption of seafood - the more, the better.

cancer and fish ...

The benefits of normal river and sea fish knows everything.This fish is a major protein "alternative" in the preparation of most diets.However, not all of it can have too much of allergenic foods.And in the nutritional properties of a number of the same fish meat is clearly losing.But, according to Galina, the point is not that there is only fish or only meat.It is important that the body, firstly, to obtain all necessary for normal functioning of nutrients, and secondly, not accumulate too much.In this re

spect, gifts of the sea - the ideal product, particularly for those who are seriously concerned about the issue of weight loss or simply keep in shape.But the huge range of seafood as well make the best choice?Nutritionist advises not to get involved in exotic and buy lobsters and snails in conventional supermarkets.

If you have decided to engage seriously in a "sea-diet" buy what usual - the usual frozen shrimps.As a dietary product perfect and crabs, but unfortunately, this product is quite expensive, but because most of us can afford a real crab salad only on holidays.

Prawns not only for beer

Shrimp - a versatile product, and you can use them with any side dish.If you have problems with weight, as a garnish can come any vegetables - zucchini, eggplant, avocado.By the way, in addition to food of animal origin, the sea gives us, and "vegetables" - certain types of algae, such as kelp, quite edible.However, not all of them like, because of too specific taste.But there is a solution: you can buy kelp dry and added to food as a condiment.

But eat shrimp with beer, as we used to, it is not recommended at all.

Firstly, if you want to lose weight, you can forget about the beer at once.And secondly, these seafood are suitable not only as a snack.It is also a perfect base for first and second courses.Shrimp can be cooked dozens of dishes, all of which will vary according to taste.To not have to mess around with armor, buy peeled.

Aphrodite tablet or shrimp?

for dieters shrimp really irreplaceable.Digested shrimp meat is fine, no fat can not be afraid of: first, the fat content in shrimp is almost zero, and secondly, shrimp meat with regular consumption actually improves digestion.That, by the way, can be a good alternative to diet pills.After all, the effects of many of them based on a laxative effect.Without exception, all supplements contain laxative substances, vegetable or synthetic origin.This of course leads to certain results, but after the end of the course you are waiting for the inevitable problems with digestion.A shrimp, besides high quality protein, which itself is well absorbed, contain a plurality of microelements, and some of them contribute to the fast processing of food.For example, calcium, manganese, and sulfur, which improves the evacuation of bowel function.

whole periodic table and immunity in addition

nutrients in seafood - are countless.But it is especially rich in vitamins and trace elements is shrimp.Firstly, it is iodo, as required for normal human thyroid gland and the entire immune system.Organic iodine shrimp a hundred times more than beef!Iodine is especially needed in our latitudes, with long winters and short summers (in the cold season, the absorption of iodine from food significantly disturbed, because of this we have especially increased risk of relapse of cancer, goiter, hormonal disorders).Shrimp also contain calcium, useful for thyroid function, immune system, blood, kidney, build muscle and bone system.Potassium is essential for the cardiovascular system.Zinc affects the synthesis of hormones, improves the skin and nails.Sulfur is also important for skin, hair and nails, regulates the function of sweat and sebaceous glands, boosts immunity, reduces allergic reactions (which is why the shrimp completely non-allergic), contributes to the building of connective tissue, including cardiac valves, membranes, venous and arterial vessels,articular surfaces.There are phosphorus, iron, copper (which is indispensable for the reproductive function), aluminum, lead.And, of course, vitamins - A, D, E and B12.

Galina Alexeenko argues that if there is a shrimp at least twice a week can reduce the risk of colds several times.In the spring you will not have to suffer from vitamin deficiency and related exhaustion.Nature has given us a lot of immunomodulators of natural origin, we can eat every day without the risk of overdose.And so on immunomodulators can be rightfully attributed, and shrimp.

from Nakhodka to Brazil

The shops are striking variety of brands, packages producers.Taiwan and Brazil, the Far East and Denmark ... Exotic tiger or arctic cold water - only gourmet afford to understand all this diversity of!But it was cold-water North Atlantic seafood are considered the best.Especially good shrimps from Norway.Firstly, it is very environmentally friendly region: the ocean waters washing the country never knew of any harmful emissions or environmental disasters.Secondly - and connoisseurs know it - coldwater shrimp meat is much more tender and delicious exotic warm water.Well, and thirdly, just nice to pick up a package of products Norwegian production: shrimp carefully sorted by size, there is no excess of ice and snow, and so you do not overpay for the extra weight.

So seafood really improve quality of life.For good reason the ancients believed their goddess of beauty - Aphrodite - a native of the deep sea.Seaside - not only the cradle of all life, but also a source of health, youth and beauty.