Spring diet

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24 March 2016
Spring diet

Spring - a time of ease and good humor!Not for nothing in the spring woman wants to look especially compelling.So let us become the most lovely in the spring!And we will help you advice.


First of all, eat more plant foods - fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes.
And of course, check with your doctor, you let him select vitamin and mineral complex.

Healthy sleep
Dream, as we all know, and heals and restores power, sleep spring need at least 7-8 hours of waking up to do a complex of simple physical exercises.

Spring diet diet.
First we need to listen to your body.What most worried about?Heaviness in the stomach, the extra folds in the stomach?Constipation?All this is perfectly cured a small diet enriched with vegetables, fish, fruit.You need to drink plenty of clean water, if not, of course, problems with the kidneys, about that you should consult your doctor.It is also very useful and will be green tea.Dairy products are best to drink 30 minutes before bedtime.It would be nice to have a ha

bit to eat at night a little bit of dried apricots or prunes.This tasty and healthy.As soon as there will be time to gather natural birch sap, please be sure it is a priceless of vitamins!Below you can read the approximate diet recommended in the spring and summer, it does not load the digestive system, also allows you to lose a few extra kilos.But do not forget that before you get on any diet, medical consultation is required.So, here are some options for diets.Enjoy and stay healthy!

Diet number 1
BREAKFAST FIRST 120g low fat cottage cheese, can be flavored with herbs, vitamins enrich it further.2-3 slices of bread, meal, tselnozlakovogo.10-15g of honey.Unsweetened tea.
lunch (after 2 hours) 2 fruit, vegetables any better raw.
dinner.A portion of any vegetable soup, 200 grams of lean beef, chicken.
dinner.2 fruit to your taste, 1 cup of yogurt or low-fat yogurt.

Diet №2
This diet is very effective in helping to lose weight.
breakfast.300 g of melon, 150 g fat cottage cheese or cheese.
dinner.2 slices of bread from wheat flour, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.100g chicken meat without skin.
dinner.A large portion of salad, vegetables, 100g of any meat.
Of course, as a very effective application of any diet is always recommended to exercise.

leaned forward and to the side 20 times.
Squats 20-30 times.Mahy
side and back 20-30 times.
Movement simulating movement creeping Cobra-3 movement.
raising the pelvis with legs bent in a prone position 10-20.
performing these simple exercises and dieting very soon, you look in the mirror, you will see a very different woman - an easy, pleased with himself.A health will certainly increase.Try it and will be able to see this!

Svetlana Marasulova
for the women's magazine "beauty"