The wedding night

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25 March 2016
The wedding night

wedding night Wedding night not always desirable impromptu ... So you need to think about it in advance, especially the groom!

It is the first wedding night must be prepared thoroughly.His apartment should shine with cleanliness.So, how to make the night unforgettable, romantic?First, decide where to pass the night!The refrigerator in advance, or put red semisweet wine , or good champagne .Also take care of tasty light meal.

Linens should be made of soft, durable fabric.The best option may be silk.It is smooth, slick and erotic.For example, blue or red tones.Why these colors?Yes, in that other colors awaken all but erotic.If you like the white color, choose only the crisp white linen, not of ivory, and with complicated appliqué.

Make your favorite home on the hands!Firstly, it is an old custom, and secondly, it's terribly romantic.All bedroom ... usypte balloons and rose petals lay the path to the bedroom.Arrange the candles, prepare to music.In the bathroom, prepare new soft washcloths, body wash, sh

ampoo, bath foam, and most importantly - the two large bath towels and two bathrobes.Fill the bath.You can just lie together in a bath with foam, and it is possible to arrange for a favorite tub of champagne.Trite, however: do not forget about contraception!Perhaps the best solution for the terribly tired of the wedding will be a strong representation of restful sleep.Without any kind, whatsoever marriage.The wedding may become morning.The main thing that was nice, but not a duty.