Unhappy love.

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26 March 2016
Unhappy love.

Rare girl did not face similar situations described below.But, you see, not every one of us knows how to deal with them.It is about an unhappy love, not even love without reciprocity, namely, from the miserable, when you realize that you love and perhaps even loved, but at the same time realize that this feeling is necessary to forget, to destroy, to wrest from the heart by the roots ... It is hard?You can not?But in any situation, from any of the maze you can find a way out.It is only necessary to know in which direction to move, so as not to get lost ...

Situation 1. You have an affair with a married man

love for a married Perhaps if all the girls knew in advance that approached him to meet a young man or a pleasant mature man for a long time andsolidly married, such situations would be halved.But men are not fools to report its "enviable" position of each like a girl and therefore prefer to first "fall in love" a regular beauty, but then sad downcast eyes, I confess, "with a heavy heart" that they are actu

ally married.Further, depending on the imagination of man's imagination, will develop a variety of topics, such as: "My wife is ill, quit it can not, but you still love and adore," or "the children grow up, and I immediately go away from my wife," or"I have a wife do not like and have never liked, we have long been no relationship, just a habit, and without you I can not live," or "Give me to understand the situation, wait a bit, and we'll be together forever," etc..

The conversation that he would speak in love with his girlfriend, whose shock of his revelations and despair in the eyes, and what you decide at this point.If you decide not to tear our love, go ahead and expect deeds from your lover, then this article is not for you.Here you can get advice if you realized that continue love affair with this man can not go, but understand that you can not throw it out of my head and heart.

Situation 2. You like "the wrong man", with whom I have lived all my life here

love situational options can be set.It is possible that suddenly, for some actions, words or behavior of your favorite you have realized that you can not (do not want to / should not) be with him on a number that is not the man you'd like to see the father of her children,the person sitting across from you at the dinner table and share with you one bed a lot of years ... But you know, that has managed to fall in love with him (if men showed all their negative traits during the first date!), and their feelings are not so simplewill be destroyed.That's when you will come to the aid of the advice given in this article.

Situation 3. You're still in love, but he lost interest ...

Such love can not be called a non-reciprocal, because the feelings between you are.But it so happened that one day you began to notice that your young people become less likely to call you, talk less about love, somewhere a long time and without explanation to disappear, even rude or avert their eyes in the direction in response to your legitimate questions thatIt is happening between you.In general, there is every indication that he lost interest in you, that perhaps he had another passion and he just does not know what you say about it, that he is determined that you are not "the girl of his dreams."

Men nice and peaceful.It is for all has long been decided (and may even be mistaken, but he did not yet know), and you have prepared different role - experience, misunderstanding, suffering, despair, humiliation, martyrdom trying to forget it ... If you know what's ahead withthis man you are waiting for a humiliating request to him "do not throw - no razlyublivat" You have itself aware of what's going on so no longer - take note of our tips on how to quickly stop loving a man and how to be able to forget his unhappy love ...

So, as a fall out of love, if you like?How to forget, if you still can not forget?As able to adequately out of the situation, which then have to love the person just can not, or can not be?

To do hereafter you will have a pretty tough as with their feelings, and with your love ... attributes, which can not be continued for you.The first thing you do - Inspect all their personal belongings in search of love zapisochek, CDs with music you listened to together, things pretty trinkets and vials, which he gave you for the New Year and 8 March.All that you gather in one big pile, put in a bag and without sorrow in the heart of the takeaway to the nearest garbage disposal.If it takes you a grim pleasure - you can stomp all over this heap, at the same time thinking to myself that this is not the thing, and now I feel its unnecessary to the man you are persistently trampled on the floor.Can all of this series of love knickknacks light a fire in the country - Action canceled, believe me.

If there are things that remind you of it, larger sizes, for example, a sofa, on which you have spent a lot of happy moments, there is, of course, we will not insist to bring in a landfill and those bulky "remindersI love "(although it would be nice to start life anew, change the furniture and repair), but you can even modify them.For example, the same sofa win new upholstery fabric, or buy a new blanket on it, and the room is always possible to make a "change of scenery" rearranging the furniture.This kind of update it and make a time to forget about their problems.

STEP 2 Do not visit places, cinemas, parks, streets, cafes and clubs, where you liked to visit together.

love STEP 3
not to meet with people who may remind you of your novel, sympathy, sorry for you and your unrequited love.You need is not sympathy, but no memories.
Ask friends not to remind you of your man better spent together so beloved by all the ladies shopping.Your wardrobe right now requires its own updates.

Fortunately, for people like you now have a great tool - the Internet.Join in the forums, browse the women's social networks, open your blog (but not about lost love and their suffering, as, for example, about their hobbies, interests), communicate with unseen interlocutors, with whom you can talk about anything.Do not lift a conversation about her ex.In the world there are so many interesting and amusing to those interested in the many.Find your communication and your circle of friends in the pages of the vast Runet.

You need to take all my free time, if you exist in addition to school or work.So sign up to the pool, to the courses of hatha yoga for fitness, belly dancing ... Again, do not try to fill his time society "ex-wives" or "abandoned brides."You do not have them.
It would be nice if you had a chance to take a vacation and go on vacation, visit interesting places, make a short trip to interesting places and your country.Remember, at this time you do not need the negative emotions, and the only positive, only joy and fun!

If you correctly performed all the tips that have been mentioned, but this is for you a little help, you still hurt only one mention of the name of a loved one, you're also waiting for him to call and wish him meetings, means, you have a complex case that requires a "surgery the surgeon's scalpel."We suggest you spend at least one day in the House of the baby in an orphanage, a nursing home, in the offices of nursing care ... to communicate with the inhabitants of these "houses" and places, talk to them, help than they can.You will understand and see that someone has problems much harder to global and yours.And your help could be a ray of light for some more unfortunate and disadvantaged people.

Now think, would you like a new acquaintance with the opposite sex?No, seriously, and no non-binding flirt?If so, be sure to Mark time to go to the club on the dance floor ....Nobody, neither a psychologist nor a grandmother, wise woman could think of nothing better than to finally "forget" than dancing.Dance the Night (and preferably more than one), dance day, singing itself, home to the loud sounds of a stereo system (no neighbors suffer).Movement in dance and help to keep the figure in harmony and positive emotions add a huge amount.

distracted, how and what you can.Make an additional refresher courses available to your qualifications, learn a new language, think about how to get a second degree.The list of distractions is endless.

you still will argue that you "do not help" that "does not release"?! ... My dear!Or maybe you yourself do not want to forget him, and by all means hold his pained feeling in yourself?Maybe you like to be a victim of unrequited love?In that case, you need to go back to the first point of the material, and again all carefully weigh for themselves.
recommendations here, again, only for those women who decided, in its decision and are ready to turn the page of his failed romance and begin to live a different life, be open to new love and to be a woman more worthy of man ...

Rufina Ugryumova
for the women's magazine "beauty"