"Eye to Eye" - choose a life partner on the eyes

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25 March 2016
"Глаза в глаза" - выбираем спутника жизни по глазам

At a meeting with the man usually we rarely pay attention to the color of his eyes.We see good looks, we are interested in talking to him, and in fact, our relationship some part depends precisely on eye color.

When choosing a life partner eye color is of great importance, since they are hidden, many traits.And I would like to tell you that the owners of public eye is better to choose to create a strong and happy family.

If your eyes blue or blue , then you are very romantic nature.The deeper the color, the higher your self-esteem and selfishness.Perfect mate for you to be blue-eyed, blue-eyed and brown-eyed people.With green-gray-eyed and likely permanent conflicts.

If your eyes gray , then you belong to the type of people who are making all their work and tenacity.You are full of energy and use it to achieve their goals.The ideal companion for you to be a person with brown eyes.He was happy to share with you the excess energy that can annoy you.

eyes to eyes If your hazel eye color , then you are very wise, attractive man.Owners of light brown eyes touchy, hard-working, diligent, reliable, and holders of dark brown eyes are quick-tempered, cheerful and witty.You do not have to carry out their projects with their own hands.His appeal, you can achieve performance of any task by proxy.Your image should be perfect.The best choice for you is a man with gray eyes.

If your eyes gray-hazel color , then you have a lot of fans and quite controversial.You are not easy to live in the world, but also the people around you are not easy to live with.You destroy people's lives, but you will not change.Do not try to remake itself, nature can not be fooled.You will be comfortable only with the owner of the same gray-brown eyes.However, there may not bad a relationship with the opposite sex gray-eyed.

green eyes If your eyes green , then you are the person who is trying to find around the "middle ground".The main purpose of your life - to reach an agreement with itself.You strive to ensure that you were proud of, as it gives you true happiness.People with green eyes is very demanding on others.Those who fit your requirements - lucky, the rest have not sweet.The best companion for you will be the person in the eye color which is present green (green eyes, gray-green, etc.) It is with these people, you can find a common language.With rare exceptions, it can be a good alliance and brown-eyed.

If your eyes are gray-green and hazel-colored , then your life can not be called at all easy.The more colors present in the color of the eyes, the heavier person.Each color has its own character, so these people are constantly going internal struggle.However, you live a bright, interesting.Happiness awaits you with the holders of the same three-color eyes.But with green-gray-eyed, and you can create a strong family.

If your eyes gray-green , you are cheerful, full of energy, bold, but at the same time soft towards others (especially those who love).Public opinion is important to you.You often sacrifice for the sake of someone else.Your love is strong, but you definitely need to see that it is mutual.The perfect companion for you - people with green - brown, gray-green - brown, green or brown eyes.

If your eyes hazel-green color , then you have a philosophical turn of mind, you vindictive, but people admire your patriotism.In any business you will succeed with the help of his commitment.The best partner in life for you to be the owners of the gray-green eyes, but you can find happiness and the holders of gray-green-brown or gray eyes.

Be happy !!!

Likhanova Cristina for the women's magazine "beauty"