Why does not he want to marry?

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01 April 2016
Why does not he want to marry?
civil marriage For many people, a strong and stable relationship meant marriage.Now many young no longer rush into marriage, aware of the responsibility and seriousness of such a step.First we need to get an education, find a decent job, a career, to have the necessary material means to support his family and to ensure a normal life and development of their future children.Many men are indifferent to the wedding ceremony and if they do not pull, did not wish to make it.Therefore, here the initiative usually belongs to a woman.

For women, marriage - is the logical culmination of love courtship proof of recognition of her worthy of being a wife and mother - or rather, the proof of her female usefulness.And this point obscures the woman's eyes, and in refusing to marry the man she sees not only the recognition of its full-fledged woman, her vision defects.This very fact disarming completely covers the common sense that sees the rational and prudent man.

for men marriage - is its willingness to ensure the recogni
tion of the family and raise children.The man, unlike a woman, actually estimates that at the moment he is not ready to take responsibility and promise to be the perfect husband, and he knows that if he goes on about women and still give such consent, then, after atime, it is sure to remind him that the responsibility of the husband Marriage still changes the relationship.There are rights and obligations of both parties.A living civil marriage, saved a certain sense of freedom and irresponsibility, you do not have, and owed nothing to anybody.Status acquired material values ​​become common.In the case of divorce - a continuous tape.

For some formal marriage as a serious step in life that you need to implement it for a long time getting used to, lapping and compatible with his future wife, it takes several years even living together, and then only to the registrar.Man sees in you a girlfriend, but a companion.Therefore, it is in the early stages of a relationship to define priorities and common interests.

Do you want to get married or "having" a relationship?In any case, loving people will sooner or later have to legalize their relationship for the sake of the child and the confidence that this man loves you with all faults, willing to take responsibility, not avoid it under the guise of "civil marriage".