Wedding time to

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26 March 2016
Wedding time to

wedding comes a wedding to go.Different countries celebrate the wedding in different ways, depending on the rituals, customs, and traditions.Do you want to learn how to celebrate a wedding abroad?Let's look at the guests in some of the countries.

In India wedding day the bride and groom are not allowed to eat anything until the beginning of the wedding ceremony.In the house of the groom's relatives from among the girls performing wedding dances and songs.Then make small but important ritual - a ceremony praising the yellow color, which the Indians associated with the color of the sun and serves as a symbol of fidelity.First, all present themselves paint their foreheads and then sprinkle each other with yellow powder.

Before the ceremony, bride sitting in a chair behind a large canopy.Then the bride and groom exchange garlands of flowers and a handful of rice.

Japan The bride and groom can call themselves husband and wife after being together for 9 drink sips of sake (Japanese vodka).The groom dres

sed in a wedding garment "hakama" loose-fitting - formal attire with a family coat of arms.Bride - in white kimono heavy and dense matter in a white silk scarf with red lining "tsunokakusi."According to custom, the bride and groom changed costume several times during the reception.

In Greece bride dye his hair with henna, received on the eve of the bride, which is sung during special song.Groomsmen and bridesmaids are dressed in traditional outfits images.It scares evil spirits and protect the young from the failures.But before the wedding night in the bed with the couple let the little children to lie to the marriage was prolific.

In Italy the day before the wedding, the groom wears a green shirt.So it attracts well-being in the future family.Young showered with candied almond nuts.On the table must be fried donuts and candy wedding.

In Kenya lot of singing at the wedding.The bride can not go out as long as women do not sing a special song for her.

in May in France not accepted to play the wedding, as well as in many other European nations, but this month was a period of collective courtship.The symbol of connection, marriage served as a common meal, consisting of certain foods, such as apples, roasted rooster pancakes.