Connoisseurs of female beauty argue that the greatest numbers of beautiful women in Ukraine are concentrated in Kherson. This is especially noticeable when you come from another city. Of course, this is a canon of European beauty, for men of some African tribe there is a different view of feminine charm. We have our own version of the phenomenon of beauty of Kherson girls.
Historically, the Kherson region was international since the beginning of the settlement. In none of the provinces of Russia could you meet such a diversity of tribes as in town, was written in the "Military-Statistical Survey of the Russian Empire? 200 years ago. There lived Ukrainians, Russian, Serbian, Moldovans, Gypsies, Germans, Swedes, Greeks, Jews, Armenians, French, and Italians. Mainly they were men, who were builders and shipbuilders, and who built the city and the shipyard. And to keep them in the construction, young women and girls were taken to Kherson from different cities of Russia.

Beauty and attractiveness of Kherson Ukraine women is still striking. Many women, the citizens of Kherson went abroad to search a better life and just wages in other cities and countries. But there are a lot of really beautiful, sexy, feminine and single women in Kherson now.
For over 15 years in Kherson have been several dating agencies and dating services that help foreign men and women from Kherson to find their family happiness. The databases consist of thousands of young, educated, charming and smiling beauties. Blondes and brunettes, redheads and brown-haired, miniature and leggy models; everyone here will find the girl of his dreams. All the women in these agencies are real; they are serious about marriage and a family.

No romantic tour organized by American and European dating agencies is possible without dating evening and acquaintances in Kherson. What is special about them?

An American man who went on such a tour and got married a woman from Kherson explained his choice very shortly and concisely:

‘Women from Kherson are smart and beautiful, they know how to accentuate their advantages and conceal their drawbacks. Even totally young girls are morally strong and are ready for many things for love and family, they are ready to forgive many things, they are vulnerable and sensitive. Real women, a model of beauty and femininity’.

Another client of the dating agency answered:
‘Acquaintance and communication with Kherson ladies left only positive impressions. They are the most pleasant and benevolent persons I have ever met. They stroke me with their sensitivity and kind-heartedness! I have never been ignored or disrespected. In general, I consider Kherson girls nice and energetic in communication. Appearance? I have never seen such number of beauties in my life!’

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