Lviv Ukraine women and single girls. Lviv dating and marriage

All who visited Lviv certainly know that city not only has exquisite architecture, Lviv also has many beautiful women. Again, the culprit of such female attractiveness and sexuality are Western Ukraine genetics and in Lviv in particular there is a mixture of Czech, Polish and Hungarian blood.
It is not easy to meet women from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and other western regions of Ukraine on Ukrainian dating sites. Very rarely an attractive young Lviv lady will be found in catalogs from agency mail order brides. There is a reason for this kind of private nature of women from western Ukraine. They are very cautious and slow in terms of making important life decisions, which certainly are marriages with foreigners. But when they dare to take some serious action, they will not stop.
Lviv women have a particular mindset, a singular wit, and even cunning. There is a known historical fact that in 1823, women of Lviv city were saved from being seized by Tartar troops precisely because of their cunning. After a month of occupation, the Tatars fortified the city and their leader Khan Telebuga had hoped that the defenders would die of starvation. Indeed, they had almost no stocks of food. Then Lviv women decided to use a trick. On the markets of the city, they rolled out empty barrels, turned them upside down, and the remains of cereals and flour poured on top so that it gave the illusion of huge stocks of food. Tatar spies were fooled by the trick and the troops retreated from the city Telebuga, knowing that the lions will not be defeated by hunger.

Differences between girls from western Ukraiane and other parts of the country are also external, Lviv girls are more curvaceous, are not as slender or long-legged, like a girl from Nikolaev or Kherson, but this does not spoil them and instead gives them a special charm.
Familiarity with the girls and women of Lviv is a bright and memorable event in the life of every man. For example the leader of Germany's Adolf Hitler as a youth was in love with a young blonde Stephani, and these feelings were carried through his life. In western Ukraine has found his love and nephew of Pope Sixtus the Fifth. The famous Italian Mikinelli met his muse in Lviv, the Ukrainian girl Paraska.
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